I’m in Singapore now. I arrived around 9:30pm on January 5th.

Bangkok was amazing once I finally got a hotel in the city and a room by myself. The moment I arrived in the hotel I told my family I’d see them when I see them, and that I needed space and time to explore things on my terms.

I stayed at the Hotel Clover Asoke, ironically not far from the infamous Soi Cowboy area.

I walked the street around noon, surveying this new exotic land for myself, looking for watering hole to douse my senses. Most were empty, and I wanted a place where I could enjoy some people watching, and meet a few folks on their own journey.

I found a pub named The Game on Sukhumvit 9, Sukhumvit Road. It was a british pub, and I was looking for some none Asian food, and it met the bill. I had an american breakfast, two eggs scrambled, two home made sausage, two strips of bacon, two slices of toast. And I washed it down with was was the first of many many Stella’s.

As soon as I ordered an older, tall, bald, overweight, jocular British fella sat down next to me and introduced himself. I initially thought he may be gay, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt and we talked and talked, from politics to philosophy to business to god knows what. At the end of a thirty minute conversation it was obvious I made a new friend. Soon after a younger gentlemen named Sean sat down next to him and he introduced me. Sean and I hit it off and played a couple games of pool while Paul continued talking it up with other random patrons. Ironically, Paul met Sean at The Game the last time he was in town a year ago.

Paul lives in Singapore as an expat, working as an IT sales manager for Cisco. He makes several hundred thousand us dollars a year with fat bonuses. He has a Thai wife and a seven year old son whom he visits regularly. Paul also has a girlfriend, or two.

Sean is a younger fellow, about 29 years old. His family owns a semiconductor manufacturing company, and he visits Bangkok as often as possible. This was his third week in Bangkok already, and he was looking to move here full time to work on his own business idea once his family sold the business.

They both spoke Thai. I told them I wanted to see the real Bangkok. The seedy and gritty places. “The underbelly” as Sean described it, and they were happy to indulge me. Soon after Paul chatted it up with another gentlemen named David who was 47 and worked as an IT consultant in Los Angeles. He was looking to move to Thailand himself. For being 47, he looked 37. He was a bit quiet, and I liked him, but the other guys thought he was a bit odd. He was nice as far as I was concerned.

They guys brought me to Nana neighborhood, which is a strip of bars and gogo bars filled with Thai girls looking for western men, and vice versa. The guys explained that in Thailand there are “bar girls” who basically want to marry you, and you can take them home or have them as a girlfriend for a day or a week, or marry them. They throw themselves at you. They filled me in on all the layers of Thailand’s female culture. They love westerners and all want to win the “lottery” and find one who will marry them.

We visited various bars, I ate crickets and maggots and got increasingly more drunk.

Paul was 13 beers deep by the time we left The Game, so on our second stop of the day I spoke of Modafinil to the guys as a means of powering through to the evening. Modafinil, the generic of Provigil, is a nootropic drug that alleviates fatigue. Everyone was up for taking it and enduring another long night, since the night prior was just as long for those guys. So Sean and I, who built a good rapport by then, walked to my hotel and grabbed a bunch of pills and made our way back to the guys.

The night dragged on, and we drank more and more, and eventually we made our way to a Gogo bar. Now, these guys were explaining to me that in Thailand, it’s perfectly normalized to pay for sex. I didn’t believe it, nor could I wrap my head around it, but I wanted to see it for myself. They spoke about bar girls. Most of these women didn’t speak any english, but the ones that did used it to their advantage to get to know the wealthy western guys.

Moving on. I was pretty plastered by the time we made it to the gogo bar named “Butterflies”.

How did we end up there? Well, after bar number… 3 on Soi Nana or whatever, we decided to get some street food, and Sean, David and I posted up at a Thai noodle street food vendor. Plastic chairs and a bowl of nice delicious Thai noodles and broth, for 50 baht, or less than $2. A cute Thai girl was also there ordering, and Sean, being versed in Thai, struck up a conversation, and she insisted he come see her at Butterflies. So, after the noodles, and maybe one bar after, we went to butterflies.

What is Butterflies? It’s a Gogo bar. What’s a Gogo bar? It’s not just a strip club, which is what I thought they were. It’s a club where women dance, some naked, some not. And they have a pins on their bikini outfits, or underwear, indicating a number. The guys line up around the room and watch them dance. Most are fairly passive, just dancing and moving here and there.

They dance. You tip them, give them bills. If you see a girl you like, you call or over, or tell the waitress or “boss lady” (the boss lady is a butch like momma type Thai woman who is like the strong arm at the bars; they make you buy drinks and spend money and negotiate for the girls, so they don’t have to. Like lay down the law) that you’d like to speak with or buy a drink for number whatever. They come over, sit with you, and you buy them a drink.

If you like them, you ask if they would like to hang out with you for the night. If they agree, you pay a “bar fine” which gets them out of work for the night. You also agree on their tip at the end of the night, which seems to range from 2,000 baht to 7,000 baht.

Me and the guys sat at the foot of a bubbly bathtub with about eight topless Thai girls dancing. One had blonde short hair, like an edgy pixie cut. I slipped her 100 baht in her bottom and she continued dancing. She had a cute personality. I was drunk and I told my buddy I wanted to talk to her. He worked his Thai and explained the whole bar fine, which I paid, and tip thing, and the next thing I know she disappeared to change into regular clothing and sat on my lap. She was now my girlfriend for the night.

The whole experience blew my mind. We ended up going to another Gogo bar, and I bought her drinks and we just hung out, her on my lap, me hugging her, her hugging me, flirting and playing and having fun with the guys and their girls.

We eventually went to Climax (I believe that’s the name) and bought a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label. They had a cover band led by a California white dude from the mid 2000’s, and a drag woman singing in between.

I was having a blast. The girls were dancing together and with us, and we were pouring shots and drinking and dancing, and I was sufficiently wasted.

We went out to eat afterwards and by that time I was seeing double, and my girl (whose name was.. Na-tia? like Naudia, but like Nah-Tee-uh, or Naw-Tia? Something like this) threw up in the bathroom. She was absolutely beautiful by the way. Probably like 5’2 and 100lbs, and absolutely adorable and bubbly and fun. She told me she was 19 initially, then switched to 20. But she coulda been 18 for all I know.

By the time we finished eating I was barely coherent. I think I ate Pad Thai for the millionth time, but who knows. We took a cab back to my hotel. When we arrived Natia threw up again, or made herself throw up? I forget cause I was so drunk. I just know we walked into the reception and I had to get another key made, and she disappeared. When I asked the receptionist where she went she said the bathroom. I figured she was throwing up, otherwise why the hell wouldnt she wait to get to my room? Anyway. The receptionist asked for her ID which she scanned. Apparently, this is so common that the hotels have policies that if you bring a girl back to the hotel, they scan their ID for safety. When they leave, they’ll call to make sure you weren’t murdered or robbed.

We went back to the room and she got naked and jumped in the shower. I followed and took the shower gel and lathered her body. We rinsed and when I dried I found her laying in the bed, naked. She was incredible. I laid next to her and we talked. I’m not sure what the hell I said, cause I was drunk, and I didn’t speak Thai. My buddy translated for me most of the night, and her friend was there (who was with my buddy) and she spoke some decent shitty english, or enough to communicate what the hell she was trying to say to me.

Regardless, I basically just kept telling her how amazing she was, and confessing my love to her. Which is typical whenever I have a girl who is my type. I turned off the lights and we just made out forever, all over eachother, then had sex. I was so drunk. I like to think it was heated and passionate, and I’m sure it was leading up to it, but by the time it happened who the fuck knows.

When I finished I was so drunk and exhausted and proceeded to cuddle and pass out, but 10 minutes later she gets up and takes a shower. So I get up and jump in the shower after her. She gets dressed. I ask her what shes up to. She says she has to wake up early, and in her cutest most incoherent english, she tells me she has to go to her “grain muthers” early. I said okay. She gets dressed. She hugs me. I pay her 3,000 baht, and she’s off. I look at my watch and it’s 4:00am.

I wake the next day and I’m horribly hung over. The worst in the longest I can remember. Aches and pains emanate from every corner of my body. I believe I woke at 10am. I lingered in my room for hours before getting a message from Sean. He tells me that Paul messaged him at 9:30am telling him to come down. Paul must have had 24 beers by the nights end. The hell he was doing drinking at 9:30am is beyond comprehension. Nevertheless, I walk to The Game to have the same breakfast I had the day before. Sean met up with me.

Not long after the breakfast I proceed to have a beer, in an effort to nip the horribly hangover I was climbing my way out of.

I eventually suggest we head to Nana street. We have a beers, head to a few bars, go to hooters for a late lunch early dinner. He then takes me over to Soi Cowboy, the epicenter of Thai adult night life. Its about 6:00pm. There is barely anyone out. There are no girls outside or inside the bars, and the streets are paltry with people. 

We stop at a pub and have a beer. We’re told they open at 8pm. We soon head back to Soi Nana, but I stop and get a full body massage to relax and unwind. Sean heads back to his hotel in the meantime and showers and gets fresh.
He messages me a bit after my massage, and we meet up at Soi Nana Plaza. I head there after my massage and have a Singha at the center bar located in the middle of the plaza.

He meets up with me, and we head to Butterflies again. We see his girl and ask for the Natia. She informed us she was on holiday and had the day off. Soon David arrived and we greeted each other with enthusiasm.

I was quite disappointed my girl wasn’t there, and I wasn’t interested in the advances of the other women all over me— kissing me, taking my hands and placing them on their breasts, hugging me— so eventually we decided to go back to Soi Cowboy.

David insisted we go to “Crazy House” at 23 Sukhumvit Rd. It was two levels and full nude, and fully packed. There were plenty of beautiful girls, and they were going fast. It was a meat market. We went upstairs and were greeted by a show.

Women were shooting darts out of their pussies. Yes, that’s right. They laid on the ground, and inserted tubes loaded with darts in their pussies, and shot them at balloons located overhead, assembled around the dancing poll. There were two groups competing to pop them all. It was surreal. I was probably 8 or 9 or 10 drinks deep, and it was around 9pm. After their vagina blow dart spectacle, they proceeded to light cigarettes and puff or smoke them from their vaginas. Also incredibly mind blowing and weird. Somehow we managed to stay through the spectacle and girls came out. We went downstairs. There was a couple cute ones but the one I liked was nabbed by some older sleeze ball.

We continues walking. We went somewhere else and were practically abducted by a group of girls. They were all over us. I ordered drinks. They talked about threesomes. I was all for it. 4,000 baht later they indicated that they couldn’t get off till three cause there wasn’t enough girls working. We bitched about the bogus tab and bounced. We went to Baccara and it was pretty lame, but I noticed a glass ceiling with women dancing above upstairs, so I convinced the guys to go up with me. There were a variety of half naked girls dancing solemnly in the middle of the glass stage, when I saw the one. 

I saw the one I was looking for: my type. She was stunning.

What is my type? And what do I mean by my type? By now I know my type. My type is the type of girl who drives me WILD. What is this exactly? Well, it’s two things. Physically, she’s petite, with long hair, large almond eyes, and plush lips. She’s must be proportional, but petite. A round ass, and larger breasts, and a small, tight waist. And long thick hair down to her ass.

As far as her personality goes, she’s gotta be shy and passive. Reserved, introverted, or at least slow to speak. Not dominant. This is nothing to say of intellect, of which I prefer a lot of, but for the short term fling, it’s not a top priority.

This girl was it. She was also quite classy, considering the circumstances. She was about 5’4, and had very large, very beautiful (fake) breasts. She was the smallest waist and most petite body, and her hair was down to her ass. We talked and she seemed interested in me, or hanging with us. We talked for about 30 minutes and she had great english. She indicated she was 25 and went to college for IT. I was impressed. She was a lot more level headed and mature than I was expecting. Eventually I asked how much it would cost to have her hang out for the night. The waitress said 6,000 baht, with a 700 bar fine. I balked, but my buddy reminded me it was 12am, and probably the last stop, and best looking girl I was going to meet. I quickly checked myself and agreed on the price. She excused herself and 10 minutes later returned dressed up into a black with white monogrammed logo one piece Chanel sheer short dress. God damn was she stunning.

We leave the bar and I continue speaking with the girl… she tells me her name is Bambi. I ask where she got that name, and she says a guy gave it to her. I laugh. She tells me she’s 25, and has no kids. I’m shocked, but pleased. We head out to a club. Sean says he’s tired and he gracefully departs. David is enthusiastic about heading to a club, so we go…

We arrived and wait in line. They card us, and Bambi shows me her ID with her name. It reads “Miss Mam”. Her name is Mam. We head into the club and David gets a bottle and a table. We dance. I’m drunk. It occurs to me that it’s late, and that I want to have sex with this beautiful girl more than anything, so upon this realization I tell David we’re headed out, and we head back to the hotel. I negotiate with the taxi drivers out front. They want 200 baht for a 50 baht drive. I talk down to 150, and they were pissed, but when we arrive I pay 200 anyway. I just don’t like being taken advantage of. Mam was shocked I paid 200. But it’s $6 usd for a 10 min cab ride, which is peanuts.

We arrive at the hotel and Mam breathes a sigh and tells me how she doesn’t wanna give her ID to the receptionist, because it’s embarrassing. This was one of the many glimpses of humanity I saw in Mam. So we rushed by the sleepy receptionist as quickly and quietly as possibly without being noticed. It was about 2am.

We arrived in the room and she proceeded to disrobe and enter the shower. She made me wait to take a shower until she was finished. I was slightly paranoid, because I didn’t know her or her intentions, and I had a lot of money on me, but I conceded. When I returned from the shower she was on her phone laying naked on the bed. I lay next to her and we talk and kiss and snuggle and make out. It gets heated and I ask if she wants the lights on or off, and she said it doesn’t matter. I turn them off and we continue making out.

I proceeded to try and make love to her and she stops and asks if I have a condom. I tell her I’m out. She breaths a sign of frustration. I tell her I’m clean. I should be more skeptical about her. She doesn’t care. She said no condom without sex. I ask what do to. She said telephone the receptionist and see if they sell them. So I do. They don’t sell them. I ask her what to do again. She said order them. Order them?? She said, tell the hotel to go out and buy them from the 7-11 around the corner. I was in disbelief. They do that???? She said yes. I get them on the phone, and she eventually takes it from me, speaks Thai and hangs up and gives it back. Ten minutes later a gentlemen arrives at the door with condoms. I ask her how much it’ll be. She said probably 100 or more. I grab 200 baht from my wallet and proceed to open the door, and hide behind it naked, while I grab the three pack of condoms and hang him a fist of money and tell him to keep the change.

She asks if they got extra large. I said no. She is worried about my large cock, and wonders if it’ll fit. I laugh.

We proceed to make out and talk and cuddle and eventually I put on the condom and we have some seriously hardcore passionate sex. I could not get enough of her. She was so incredibly beautiful and physically amazing. Coy, yet playful. Simple, yet proficient and deep.

The whole night I was telling her that I was in love with her, and to pretend she was in love with me, that I’d make her my girlfriend if we were in the states. She kept laughing, but indulged me. Silly American. We role played that we were two long lost lovers reunited, and made passionate sex and spoke to each other as if we knew each other for ages, a kind of affectionate speak that’s usually reserved for only the most intimate romances. It felt nice.

After sex we talked. I asked her how long she’d been working. She said a year. I asked her how she got into it, and she said her friend was doing it, and told her to. She had a degree in IT, and was working as an insurance analyst, but the average income in Thailand is only a few hundred USD. It’s barely anything, and she wanted more. So she started. It was after a boyfriend from… Austria? Somewhere in Scandinavia? Cheated on her, and broke her heart. Weird. Who knows.

She said she supports her family now… she pays them 15,000 baht a month ($420 USD). She makes about 80,000-100,000 baht a month ($2,200-2,800 USD). The average college worker starts at 30,000 baht. Depending on the job and qualifications. So she is the family bread winner. She has two younger siblings, both sisters. Her mother stays at home, and her father is a taxi driver. She said ever since she started working and paying her family, they respect her now, and let her get away with a lot. I asked if they knew what she did, she said they think she’s a bartender who just gets great tips. I’m sure…

I asked if she enjoyed working at a Gogo bar. She said of course not. I asked why not? She said she didn’t like being a prostitute. She used that word. I was kinda shocked. It showed a level of shame I didn’t expect. She said there were days where she didn’t want to do it… yea… work is hard ha.

I asked what her goals were. She didn’t have any long term goals, but short term she was planning on saving for a house so she could move out of her parents. She was recently approved for a loan.

I forget what else we talked about. I’m sure there was other stuff. I shared that I was an escort for about a year, but that I stopped because it began to take an emotional tax on me. She seemed to related.

We passed out and woke the next morning. She was sore from the night prior, so we didn’t have morning sex. Just laid and spoke, and bitched about the hangover. We exchanged contact information. I gave her 7,000 baht, which was an extra 1,000 then what was agreed.

Hours later she messaged me and thanks for me the extra baht. I said no worries. I was in love ha. With a prostitute. What’s new.

So that was my two days in the seedy underbelly of Bangkok. It’s a guy’s paradise. The women are super sweet, and have great bodies, and are very traditional yet playful. They are all about pleasing the guys and serving and just being sweet and subservient, and they love western men. It’s… fucking refreshing as hell. Maybe that makes me fucked up, but so be it. I like what I like.

I’m in Singapore now. I started this post early this morning. I have another 2 days in Singapore, and I have a date with a girl 5pm tomorrow. I’m gonna dip out from my family to explore the city for myself and see this girl tomorrow.

What is life.

I’m excited to get back home and start working. Fuck. I need to go back to Thailand.

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