kegs, out-of-control, 6 mile expeditions, more kegs, bonfires, off-roading is that it?

find a shell. take it.

keg, house party, women, beer pong, good friends, close friends, best friends, shitloads of liquer,singing songs, smoking joints, smoking bowls, watching eskimo samuri’s chopping the living hell out of everything. including all the red cups. 30 second keg stands. followed by two 2 second kegs stands. cops. oh no. empty the keg? oh no. heres the shell from last night. continue to drink until we realize its late. until we realize clocks are set back an hour. woot. party long and harder. listen to drunk girls try to sing. watching drunk girls lap dance all the drunk men with girlfriends at the party. watching drunk girls get shut down by the sober single guys. evade young drunk girls that want to lose their virginity. watching beer pong. watching drunk kids smoke cigarettes in motorcylce helmets. laughing. alot. wrestleing. breaking glass with my hands. watching girls bathe in my blood. laughing about it. getting tired. hungry. decided it was a great idea to walk home. running, jumping, tripping, swimming, falling, 6miles miles later= pass out infront of my house. wake up from hunger. eat 100 burritos. almost. pass out. wake up at 6. still drunk. watch the sunrise. ask myself wtf am i doing awake at this hour. oh yea jakes got a date. considerate. pick up my jeep. drive home drunk. pass out until i sober up. wake with a smile on my face.

what the hell are you gonna do on a sunday night? bonfire. keg. alot of hurricane demolished wood. gasoline. 25 close friends. offroad. walk on burning embers. get loud. dance. listen to music. eat roasted marshmellows. watch drunk little girls try to make them without igniteing themselves aflame. go hardcore offroading. get stuck. get unstuck. hold on tight. launch girls and friends out of the back of the jeep. try and find them once i realize they arent there anymore. convince people that walking home at that hour and in that condition is not a good idea. take drunk people home. pass out. wake up with blisters on my feet and ash all over my body. look at my jeep and ask myself what the hell did you do last night. beer on the inside and out. half the forests leaves covering the inside. woah cool.

need i say more?

i figured you get the idea.

a selfish blog.

a selfish blog.
cause its all about me sharing things about myself:

im learning alot. alllooooottt. everyday i am learning more and more about life and myself. ya. and everyday life becomes clearer. not even better. just clearer. Im not afraid of anything. im learning not to be afraid of people, my feelings and other trivial things. I find that my energy could be better used doing contrstructive things to add to the quality and understanding of life, rather than worrying, getting anxiety, and being negetive. so yes. a big change in me. yea ive gone through plenty of changes. oh yea. but they were all external and motivated by all the worng reasons. these are much more real and honest. they are motivated by my desire to achieve and succeed to my full potential. not for the satisfaction of other people, but solely for me.

The people you surround yourself with is a good indicator of the person you strive to be, or be like. The things that motivatate those people and the goals they set for themselves is a good indicator of what motivates you and the goals you have set for yourself. ive resolved to take advantage of knowing that, and take action by surrounding myself with positive uplifting people. i love people but not everyone is heading in the direction i want to go. the goals they set for themselves are not as clear or sound as mine. so yea. while i can maintain relationships with countless people, id rather not spend countless hours with someone whos mentality might just rub me in a way i dont have any desire to go. yeaa. you finish it up.

Routine keeps me focused and motivated. Thats why i must work as often as i do. its not as much that im desperate for money (i need it tho) as much as its keeping myself in a steady routine.

Im reading alot. a shitload. more than ive ever read in my life. more than i ever thought i could read. im currently reading 3 books and listening to another book on CD. I have an overwhelming urge to learn like never before. Im convinced that its based on the premise that i have a desire to be the best mike i can be to myself and to others. In the past two months ive rid myself of countless bad habits that littered my life for years. as a result my quality of life has improved ten fold.

Being healthy has a huge affect on your wellness and how you feel. I realized that i can never expect to think of great things or positive things if i dont physically feel great and nourished. Ive been eating very sound, well balanced meals the past few months and from the start there was an immediate and direct improvement on my mood. I continued to expand on my healthy approach to life to make sure im physically active. When i sit at home and do nothing, i notice im not motivated or excited and i have no real reason to be so. But when i get outside… run, lift, surf, skate, or even take trips and adventures to places ive been meaning to go or see, i find that im more motivated and excited about life. this synergistic effect on me is something i genuinely look forward to everyday. anyway.

so yea. i dont know if i need to go on. thats enough of me for now.

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Back to Bedlam
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11:36 AM

Compilation of posts: Sept 21- Oct 5

Wednesday, October 05, 2005 

yea. my birthday was yesterday (the 4th) and i dont feel any older. thats alright tho. i spent the last week in NJ. that was refreshing. nice crisp air up there. lots of trees. ha. saw alot of friends that i hadnt seen in almost a year. saw alot of friends that went away for college. had a good time. partied a good part of the time. im glad im home. i got a tattoo. it was an interesting night. This weekend a bunch of us were all shitty and we rolled up into "A1 tattoos" sounds credible right? we woke up the next morning with lips pierced and tattoos. ha. nothing else really exciting.. hm… got a chance to see some really good illegal street racing in philidelphia. that was pretty exciting i suppose. yup. thats about it.

ohh.. and on the way to the airport this morning i accidently deleted allll the pictures of my trip from my digital camera. how FRIGGEN BAD DOES THAT SUCK. i feel sick.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005 

We’re singing I believe that lovers should be chained together
And thrown into a fire with their songs and letters
And left there to burn
Left there to burn in their arrogance

But as for me I’m coming to my final failure
I’ve killed myself with changes trying to make things better
But I ended up becoming something other than what I had planned to be

Now I believe that lovers should be draped in flowers
And layed entwined together on a bed of clover
And left there to sleep
Left there to dream of their happiness

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Every Day and Every Night
By Bright Eyes
Release date: 01 November, 1999
Monday, September 26, 2005 

you  can’t out run life. and you can out run its sick cruelity. Ive realized this long ago and its not something that i can every get over. whenever you are holding yourself up you’ve got a thousand other things pulling you down. lifes not fair. you cant outrun the devastation. pray hard.

Thursday, September 22, 2005 

A poll:


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Wednesday, September 21, 2005 

Heres what ive been up to:

So yea… ive been doing alot of working. making some change. its ok tho. I feel productive when i work And im not spending money. so its definately not bad.

Ive been in the gym alot. Im eating more than anyone i know at the moment. um… eager to start serious training. I’ve recently been eating only organic foods. no icky hormones or Antibiotics to poison me. yay. i’d like to say that i feel very healthy. its pretty amazing. I stopped all that partying junk i was doing all summer. i dont know what i was thinking.

oOo incase you didnt already know Elliot Smith is friggen amazing. Also…if your a fan of him… and you havent already… dabble with some Bob Dylan. CLASSIC. god hes good.

Not like i have time for one of those… what do you call them? girlfriends? but sometimes it just gets lonely being by yourself. looking forward to that girl that catches my eye and my heart 😉