I can think of

I can think of sleepless nights under starry skies,
under the soft refuge of blankets and embrace,
passion pouring from lovely lips,
pulsing with desire,

or dreamy days on beautiful beaches,
bathing in aquamarine waters,
sun kissed and smiling at the big blue sky,

or skipping through green grass,
surrounded by radiant flowers and flowing streams,
wild and wide eyed at the majesty of the mountains,
breathing the sweetness of spring,
while clasping hands and locking eyes,
in lust and love.

Context is Crucial

Modern men say, “Most books are too long. In a world where attention becomes the main currency,the best books of tomorrow will be concise, elegantly written & dense in knowledge.”

I would disagree.

Context is important, and an extended narrative provides contour and character to context, which establishes the bounds and behavior of specific knowledge necessary for expertise.