The 1 Thing

The past few weeks have been rough. Working from home has its pros and cons. The pros is flexibility. The con is never disengaging, and never physically occupying spaces other than my office and desk and spouse.

I stare into a luminating screen all day long, with minimal breaks, and even when I do break, my mind maintains the intense focus as if I’m staring at a screen that’s now transposed in the interior of my mind.

I have been working on this deal. Potentially $10M. Could also be $5M. Either way, if I close it, my revenue for next year, assuming I maintain current run rates, will be $7M on the low end, and $15M on the high end. If I achieve $10M, that’s almost $1.7M bonus. I want to make that happen more than anything, because it would be absolutely life changing.

Every 20% over goal, my bonus doubles. I more or less hit my goal this year, which was $4.9M.

I don’t know many sales jobs where I can make this much money. The catch is, this must be billed in the fiscal year. Even is you do close a deal, many things can go wrong, and it can take a lot of time to onboard consultants, so that revenue is pushed into the following year, and they up your goal.

Either way, knowing this is possible ignites an insane hunger within me. I love the idea of grinding for exponential returns.

These are the most important topics in my life:

  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Health
  • Spirituality
  • Intellect
  • Professional life

I need to work on all these things, in equal parts. I feel they are lacking proper attention, except professional life, but even that I am working hard at my job, but am I working on my career?

For finances, I need to focus on budgeting. I should probably hire a personal finance consultant, or just sit down with Excel and build a Personal Finance Workbook/spreadsheet and capture all my accounts and balances.

I should try to account for every single transaction, and reduce spending by keeping myself to a disciplined budget, and focus paying off all my debt.

That should be the most important thing in my life.

I need to chill out. Be kinder to everyone. To myself. Those closest to me. I am so impatient. Too intense. Too wound up. No chill. Too tight.