Thinking about

I spend a lot of time thinking about power. Will-power. Power structures. Language games. The human condition. Moral systems. Self-preservation. Perception. Paradigms. Framing. Cognitive biases. Consciousness, the ego, self. Conceptual patterns. Abstractions. Laws of physics. Laws of thought. Relations, relationships, logical forms. Love. Actualization. Creation.

These are some prevalent themes in my life.


Palo Alto, CA. 78 deg. Warm. Dry. Blue skies.


I’m 222 lbs, 12% bf, leaner and bigger than I was three months ago, due to regular meal planning and intense exercise.

The business is growing strong. We’ve increased sales by 100% month to month from last year. The CRM is fully up and running, and the QB/ accounting integration has been slow, with many delays in recent weeks, but inching along nonetheless. My only concern is product development. We have a new product releasing in August, but otherwise there’s nothing definitive on the schedule. We have two products in the works, but they’re still in the concept stage, and no word on when they’ll be finalized. I want six new products by the years end.


I am restless, as per usual. A feature of my experience that I have accepted as permanent, and totally unrelated to my fulfillment.

Am I fulfilled? Yes. Am I restless? Yes. Always.

Patience is a game that I am inconsistent with.

There are chapters of your life you just want over, simply because you want to move on. Emotional chapters. Chapters involving relationships. They may not ever feel “over”, but sometimes you must let go. It’s hard. But nothing in life that’s worthwhile is easy.

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