The less confident you are, the more serious you have to act.
-T. Ploughman

Why are people insecure? How can you spot insecurity? Insecurities are funny. On first thought, when I think of someone who is insecure my mind immediately imagines a meek, timid, closed off person who visibly suffers from low self-esteem. On second thought, my mind thinks about those people who always tout their abilities and accomplishments, like they are seeking validation from other people.

It’s the second type of person that is most intriguing. Many times they display a show of self-confidence. They may even be very adept at a great many things, but they seem to consistently feel the need to remind everyone how great they are. These people often fly under the radar when we think about people who are insecure. Or maybe not. But they are everywhere. It seems we have a society full of insecure people.