Blockchain Is Engrams

Blockchain: truncated or hashed blocks of data linked together with time stamps and addresses that point to other blocks in a sequence.

It’s all encrypted, so your key is what gives you access to that block chain: the key is what gives you access to that data, that string of blocks, which is denoted as a token.

Do neural networks work in this fashion??
Memory retrieval?

I think that our minds and mental byproducts like ideas and concepts and processes, are just another expression of underlying forces governed by physics, just like biological evolution.

Blockchain = engrams
Key = event/stimulation
Engrams are fuckin fascinating
Nodes= neurons
Brain = network

I think learning as a process of refining inputs to achieve optimal outputs is different than memory formation in this regard.

Imagine combining the two

Imagine, storing data on the network, in block chains, utilizing keys to gain access to specific data sets, and applying neural net learning with keys, where keys are encoded Blockchain data.

Does that make sense?
So there’s the learning process, then there’s the encoding process of what we learned, ie knowledge

Imagine an AI that utilized the web this way
Stored it’s knowledge in blockchains, across the network.

Where is a memory in our brain?

It’s not in one location.

It’s stored across the network, as a pattern= engrams

Engrams= blockchains.