Trump’s New World Order

I doubt Trump will win

I think he has far less support than he did the first election

I don’t think there has been as many trump converts as there have been defectors.

He lost by 3 million in 2016.

He’s losing key battle ground states

He’s the least favorable polling president in history, since Nixon

However! … His propaganda machine is massive

Fox News is the single biggest free propaganda outlet for him, and it has massive viewership amongst his monolithic base

He spends far more on propaganda/promotion/advertising than any other politician in history

His social media spending is outrageously expensive

So there is a very skewed perspective on his viability

It’s mostly smoke and mirrors, which is what he excels at

At this point everyone acknowledges he’s an idiot, and very few people in his base admit he’s a very stable genius

It’s obvious he’s an idiot

At this point people just don’t care, because they don’t think it’s a threat

Or they actually believe that there are bigger threats than his idiocy.

But many realize the biggest threat is not the “left” or “Antifa”, but his complete incompetence

He is a master showman, and he maintains a perfectly consistent tough guy persona

Which to the layman is a very attractive persona.

His other loyalists merely see him as a means to an end. They can muscle their policies through with him in office, since he’s mostly inept of any innate conviction or vision or principles, other than self glorification

So there is a cabal of special interests groups that manipulate Trump through flattery to push their agendas
So the only way he’ll will is if he delegitimizes the election results.

He’s already crying mail fraud, and he’s installed a post master general in July of this year who, incredibly enough, has managed to disrupt 245 years of reliable USPS delivery
I means it’s predictable what will happen.

He’ll lose, and then he will cry fraud

He’ll issue executive orders. He’ll demand a revote. He’ll say the system was rigged. He’ll say the fee state is out to get him. He’ll make some outlandish excuse about why he lost

Then it’s a matter of what happens next

Trump’s been handed everything, and he’s never had to confront public defeat.

He’s inherited enough money to allow him to skirt responsibility, or any other reality.

Leverage the legal system to pay off people. Litigate. Sue. Find loopholes. Etc.

His propaganda machine is setting the stage in his bases mind that the only way he’ll lose is if other’s cheat
Which is a clear projection of his entire life story

I imagine when he loses, he’ll cry fraud, because he has created an appearance of fraud… but no idea what happens next.

In the authoritarian playbook, there are a few options:

  1. He demands a revote- which won’t happen.
  2. He acts as if there is fraudulent “deep state” coup and establishes his own coup— and issues executive orders to mobilize CBP or DHS or ICE or one of those fringe paramilitary police forces he’s been strategically currying favor with.
  3. His radicalized loyalist base mobilizes at his order to “take back America” and they storm local and state governments and federal governments.

Because the reality is, according to the Mueller report, even though there is plenty of fraudulent law breaking to put Trump in jail, so long as he is president, he can’t be persecuted

But as soon as he is no longer president, he will be persecuted for a long long long list of criminal offenses

Just like all 30+ of his various cabinet members and campaign team and staff have been persecuted, convicted, or jailed… and he knows this.

Basically everyone around him breaks the law.

He uses money which provides him legal expertise to exploit loopholes or simply outspend to settle to avoid any responsibility or consequence.

But as a public official his deeds are under public scrutiny and accountability, and now most have come into focus. He cannot escape them except through remaining president

So if he loses he’ll be persecuted and a jailed

Like all of his associates

So there is no way he legitimately except by creating the perception that he lost by fraud.

Which provides him the justification to invoke executive powers and orders beyond the scope of a president, and consolidate power into authoritarian control

But this probably won’t happen

History can only repeat itself so many times

This time will be different


Remote Work and the Decline of Culture and Democracy

Rents in San Francisco have declined 20% year over year.

People are moving due to:
•Remote work
•And cost of living
•And lay offs
•And economy

With remote work and lay offs, people are relocating to lower cost areas, or moving back in with parents

Remote work is really changing the landscape.

Most jobs will transition to permanent remote positions.

Companies eliminate office overhead, reduce expenses, and increase profit.

Not sure it’s the best idea long term, but we’ll see.

It’s an experiment.

Soon, I think it’ll become highly desirable to work at an office.

I think isolation and loneliness with only get worse with this remote work paradigm.

Physical community and the culture it produces has already been declining over the years

Office work was one of the few physical spaces left for community.

I also think it’ll become increasingly dangerous for democracy.

The digital platforms we rely on act as echo chambers.

The media and messages being promoted on these platform amplify narrow propaganda agendas.

I think the public will be forced to increasingly rely on digital media and outlets for their news, rather than their eyes and ears and open discussion with people in person.

And perspectives will become more and more monolithic, and less and less diverse, which is bad for democracy.

People will increasingly not trust each other, not trust their eyes and ears, not think for themselves.

They will increasingly rely on propaganda platforms for “truth”, for their interpretation of events, people, the world.

Of course this has been happening for a long while, but the massive shift to remote work is only accelerating the trend.

How many gas stations are there in the USA?

Apparently this is a relatively common interview question to evaluate your reasoning abilities:

With a population of 330 million, and an average age of death of 70, and a driving age of 18, that’s about 74.3% of the population that drives (245.2 million), and probably works a job. Assuming that 80% of these people own a car, that’s about 196 million drivers. If the average car drives 50 miles a day, and the average tank gets 400 miles, then drivers will refuel every 8 days, so every day 24.5 million drivers are refueling. If the average gas station has 8 pumps, and takes 10 minutes to fill a tank, that’s 1,152 cars a day. Let’s assume that these cars all refuel four hours a day on their way home from work. That’s about 200 cars a day. That’s about 122,500 gas stations. If the average tank is 15 gallons, and the cost per gallon is $2.00, then a gas station is averaging about $6,000 per day, or $2,190,000 a year in gas revenue. That sounds about right.