Monday, March 27, 2006

Current mood: drunk
Category: Life
i believe in bullshit. i believe it gets in everyones hair. i believe that people love mashing it all over themselves. i believe theyre convinced itll do them some good. but what it comes down to is bullshit is bullshit. if it smells like shit its shit. it does nothing for me. when i see or hear bullshit it i get nauseas. i save my breath, and id save yours if i could, but some people love bullshit. id rather cut the shit, save my time, and get down somethin fresh like watermelon or apples.

Old Pro

old pro

Everyone is gifted with Free-Thinking. Your Thoughts are the seedlings that birth your Actions; while your collective Actions mold your Character and construct your Circumstances.

Whenever I’m curious as to how I ended up at a certain place in my life I remind myself of these truths, and through self-control, reinforce a positive state of mind to compliment my ideals. The more sacrifice for the good of my effort, the closer I stand to achievement. The only measure of life is through personal achievement.

4:30 PM

waking up

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

waking up

I woke this morning to a cool draft circulating throughout my sleeping place. I breathed in. The coolness soothed my lungs as I softly inhaled through my nose. I let out a sigh and opened my eyes. The humming of my fan quietly complimented the other sweet noises that lay just beyond my window. The birds chirped sweet little songs back and forth to one another and little children splashed about in the pool across the way. I could make out a brilliantly blue, cloudless, sky from the cracks of my blinds. They chattered lightly with every breath of air that found its way into my room. I pulled off my covers to further examine the renewed day. Today the grass was greener. The animals were no longer strangers to the neighborhood as they pranced around under my sill. Life outside seemed to be alive and dancing, fueled by the gentle zephyr rolling across the landscape. I longed to be outside- to lie in the grass, to submerge myself in a cool blue pool.