Historical Wealth Generation Rambling Thoughts

Everyone talks about how amazing our constitution is… but I’m skeptical that this document was the reason for the America’s prosperity.

I think that access to land was the primary reason. Prior to America, never before had land been so readily accessible… except there are a few historical examples of what happens when an established government provides cheap land to its citizens.

Greece and Europe became great empires because they seized land. The prosperity of their entire civilization depended on the expansion of their lands, by guaranteeing land to those who cultivated it.

They just killed or enslaved everyone who lived on it, and stole it, basically.

These new provinces then paid taxes, recruited legionnaires for the army, and provided subsistence to the army and cities.

After the collapse of the Roman Empire, the feudal state was born.

There was less centralization of power in Europe, except those countries unified by the Holy Roman Empire.

But the feudal states were very socially rigid. They were essentially a caste system of birthright and inheritance.

Vassals or lords governed the land. They were the protectors and hunters, composed of knights.

They gave their land to the first born, because they learned that dividing up land/property usually meant the dissolution of wealth within a generation or two.

Those that weren’t first born went into the church, and were apart of the religious caste.

At the bottom were the working class or peasants.

At the top was the king. Vassals or lords would pledge their fealty to a king, and swore to protect him. They also swore to protect the peasant class.

Anyway. The vassals and religious class were about 5% of the population each respectively. Peasants were 90%.

You were born into your class, and stayed there.

This was the rigid social stratification that existed from about 500ad to 1400ad.

These are called the dark ages.

The bubonic plague wiped out 50% of Europe’s population.

This created unprecedented mobility.

For the first time in almost a thousand years you had classes intermarrying.

The bubonic plague essentially created massive wealth transfers. Men and women would marry lower and upper classes.

Around the start of the bubonic plague in the 12th/13th century the merchant class began to wield more and more power.

For the first time people had wealth that exceeded the vassals of noble birthright.

In my mind, America’s prosperity was pretty much a result of the abundance of land and resources.

The US government issued the homestead act which essentially gave people free property. That was unprecedented. The land’s of Europe were occupied for thousands of years and passed on through generations or acquired through war.

I suspect that America’s prosperity had more to do with its favorable climate and the abundance of land/resources which were cheap and given away to anyone who would work it.

Why didn’t this work out in central or South America?

90% of the native north American population was decimated.

I suspect the populations killed in central and South America was far less.

I think capitalism only works when there is “free” or cheap property/capital available.

We have so much land in the USA, but now it’s all owned. When you have a single owner of vast sums of property, I don’t think that property is being employed effectively.

I think that the accumulation, centralization, and concentration of property/ capital is bad for economic growth, and bad for democracy, whatever the hell that is.

I think that any measures which destabilize the rigid social and economic stratification, and transfer property to others, historically seems to benefit society society.

Except there should be some meritocracy built in.



Was abiding by covid guidelines pretty seriously. Literally left the house maybe a dozen times from
end of February until June 26.

Went to Nashville June 26-July 1. All was well.

Friday, July 3 I drive to Seacrest/Rosemary Beach for a family vacation.

Vacation is good.

Dad said he wasn’t feelin so hot on Sunday. Parents said they weren’t feelin good by Tuesday or Wednesday. Then my sisters and the whole house.

I was fine. I had my own room.

On Friday July 10th my Dad got an email saying all the CrossFit coaches rested positive.

So my mom and dad and sister went to get tested.

I got on a plane Saturday morning. By the time I got home I felt off. Just spacey.

Sunday I woke up feeling ill. Diarrhea. Kinda went away. But i was FUCKIN TIRED. Slight headache. Slight ball in my chests. Slight like “cof” but like nothing serious. I was worried cause i had random bouts of asthma. Typically triggered by allergens, but it still made me nervous. But it wasn’t a big thing.

Monday morning woke up and I was like, there’s no way I can move. I can’t work. So I called work and told them I think I got covid but I’m getting tested. Got a test Monday afternoon.

Monday night was hell on earth. Aches. Pains. Chills. I was sweating through everything. Shaking uncontrollably. It hurt to move. I just didn’t move.

I woke up Tuesday feeling shitty but better. During the day I just laid there. Did not move. Could not move. No energy. EXTREME FATIGUE.

Like, gravity and pressure have increased 10x.

I was worthless. I moved twice all day. Just convalescing.

Tuesday night…. hell on earth again. Blood shot eyes. Sweating like a crazy person. Everything was drenched. My hair was soaked, and my tee shirt was literally dripping. Blankets sopping.

I had to be wrapped in like 3 blankets. If i wasn’t, it was the worse feeling in the world. I felt like I was gonna die of madness/discomfort. And I was shaking like i had Parkinson’s.

The other thing to note, is I have had persistent abdominal pains. It’s just like… back aches, but inside my abdomen. It’s made me not want to eat, so i haven’t. It’s weird cause I don’t have a stomach ache, just pain in my insides.

The other, MORE crazy thing, is that I’ve been mentally handicapped.

On Sunday things began getting very distant. Like i was in a dream.

I was very confused. My thoughts were confused. Like “what was I just doing?” Or I’d be thinking and then I’d wind up somewhere else and be like when/how/what the hell…. where did I just go?! Very strange.

In fact, I would very close compare it to hallucinating. I felt like i was tripping.

The past week has felt like a dream. I’m still in it. There’s definitely a psychological element to this virus.

It definitely creates some mental side effects, which i had zero clue would be a thing.

It kinda made the pain more bearable, cause I’d close my eyes and I’d be in these other worlds.

But it also made me feel useless, cause my thoughts were disconnected and end and start randomly.

Wednesday morning was rough. I slept from like 10am to 8am, woke up, felt like hell, and just slept till like 2pm. I woke up feeling pretty okay, physically

Wednesday night i was preparing for the hell again but it never came, which I was thrilled about.

Thursday morning i woke up feeling rough, but… better?

I slept more and woke up at noon and felt well enough to continue packing up boxes for my move.

Thursday evening it was kinda shitty but okay. Just general aches and fatigue. But otherwise fine.

Today I woke up feeling achy and fatigued, but my energy was returning.

I think it’ll linger for another week. It just seems like a deep infection. I can feel it in my depths.

But I feel the worst is over.

Overall, I would not recommend getting it.

Like, just avoid the experience, if you can. It’s not fun. It’s physically and mentally torture.

But I mean, if you do get it, you’ll be fine. My case was mild. Less than a week of symptoms, about.

It was unpleasant, but you’ll survive.

I can see how old or unhealthy people would die. It just wrecks your willpower. Takes your soul. You are a vegetable for days. Can’t move. Aches. Pains. Diarrhea.

But otherwise not so bad. I’m stoked it was short. 3-4 days of feelin like shit.

Now I’m good. Now I don’t have to worry.

Let them eat cake: food corruption

Oatly gets a $200 million investment from a Blackstone-led group, including Oprah and other celebs, that values the oat-milk company at $2 billion.

Humans are insanely dumb.

The biggest scandal the past 100 years is the vegetarian diet.

Apologies if your on board. I mean no offense. But the truth is, it’s all corporate food propaganda.

Eat more veggies = eat more shit food that corporations can patent and trademark and boost profits on.

I’m convinced there’s serious or probate food propaganda driving these insanely unhealthy diet trends. Carbs are cheap as hell. In antiquity, it’s what empires have their citizens. Rations of grain.

A capitalist says:

Oat milk, brilliant! One part oats, four parts water, some serious branding and soulless celebrity endorsement… and boom! A billion dollar company!

Veggie burgers? Brilliant! Let’s name it something EPIC!

BEYOND Meat! Totally far out!

IMPOSSIBLE burger! Gnarly!

And have it taste like meat! 100% soy, or peas, or corn starch, and beans, or whatever is cheap is hell it make.

Billions in funding cha-Ching!

I am pro raw. I think veggies are great. And meats. Basically if it’s raw, if it’s recently dead, if it resembles the organism it was when it was alive? That’s healthy!

I know I know. Eating Meat is terribly cruel. The way farm factories product meat, I agree. But it can be done humanely and sustainably. More humanely than being shredded and eaten alive by a pack of wolves or mountain lions.

But eating meat destroys the environment… nope!

If it’s done sustainably, it’s great for the environment! Hell, there were 30-60 million Buffalo roaming the Midwest a few hundred years ago!

There are currently 90 million cows in the USA. Not too far off, considering it was entirely natural, and contributed to a rich grasslands/plains ecosystems.

Meat is hella healthy. It’s the most nutrient dense food.

But the margins are shit for capitalists, and you can’t really sell it to low income people.

Sustainably raised greens and veggies and fruits are an awesome way to supplement the diet.

But man can’t live on bread/starch alone.
I’m not convinced. Controversial, I know.

The food industry and Farming is the most corrupt industry in America We pay farmers to produce shit. Subsidies galore! We have excess land that can be revitalized with the reintroduction of grazing animals. There’s so much land to graze!

The Decline and Fall of American Empire

I’ve been reading The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Gibbons. Perhaps the best history book I’ve ever read. Fascinating and equally alarming parallels emerge as you read and reflect on our current politic.

I’ve been thinking more globally since I began reading it, beyond the United States. I’ve been thinking more universally, and more in terms of centuries and millennia, than days and decades

For example, I’ve been asking myself if the USA is really the best place for opportunity, and if in 10 or 20 years, will America’s opportunities yield the ROI I should expect from my time on earth?

Or should I emigrate to greener pastures, like my ancestors did when they escaped the oppressive inequality and corrupt policies of aristocratic Europe?

In the beginning of the Roman Republic, that’s where you wanted to be. Everyone traveled to Rome to generate riches, to get educated, to get status and power.

Over time, wealth concentrated in the Italian state, and opportunity dried up

The poor still traveled to Italy to learn what they could and take it back to their homeland

But the educated Romans who knew better, they escaped Italy, and colonized provinces all over the world…. Spain, the Black Sea, Northern Africa, France, Britannia, etc.

They took their education and build amassed wealth in their distant province, where competition was with themselves, where opportunities were limited only by their imagination

Over time you watch Roman emperors birth location shift from Italy to Spain, Thracia, Gaul, Cyrene, etc…. towards the end of the Roman Empire, all the new wealth was amassed by entrepreneurs that colonized lands of opportunity

The Italian state was grossly unequal. The poor, and the ultra wealthy, and there was no middle. The mob eventually began to rule, and the emperors, out of fear, put more and more power in the hands of the army/praetor to restore order

This eventually ushered in the military dictatorship, whose absolute power left cruel ambition completely unchecked, which further eroded the republic
So I’m asking myself, where is the best opportunity?

If I can leverage my American business acumen elsewhere, where would they be?

There’s too much competition in the USA. Too much inequality.

But there are many places where i think creative industry could go a long way, while leveraging American business knowledge

It’s got me thinking…
I’m not sure America will be the best place to live in 20 years
At this rate, at this trajectory

Chest: Treasure, Memory, Safe

I want to design a chest. I’d build it but I really don’t have the tools or space. So I’m trying to assemble the designs and material construction to give someone.

The chest will be a utility and decorative piece.

I want to be able to consolidate my most important memories and documents in this chest. Like if I had one place for all the most important possession, this chest is where they would reside.

I want material that’s both durable, to last forever, and fire resistant, and bug resistant, if possible.

Once the dimensions and general architecture is finished, and construction is complete, I want to hand carve the outside.

It’ll be a safe, a decoration, and a family heirloom, something to pass on to future generations.