Friday, December 23, 2005


fuqin a man.

here’s something for you.

today a college degree means shit. sorry if that offends you. but you spend a good 4 years (and they’re quality i’m sure of it… babes..booze… all that) to get a degree… that… hundreds of other applicants applying for the job have. and what makes you so special? when you do get the job… and work for some corporation… who owns you… you give you’re life to that company..blood swaet and tears… to people who consider you despensible. because there are others just like you. you are in a rat race. and you will always be a rat.jk.but now you’re four years deep in debt because of a college education… but cant find a job with the degree that will free them of thier debt. wow. so now you struggle to pay the bills… pay off debt. work ungodly hours. and try to maintain a dwindling social life (which is the only thing worth living for). ouch.

with that in mind. the people who are going to be successful in this day and age… are those who have amazing people skills. who understand the value of relationships and networking. who invest time into relationships and people who value you as much as you value them. investments will make you money. they will make you free.

its not what you know. its what you do with what you know. and who you know.

btw. education is important.


Thursday, December 15, 2005


first. last night was tpp out of control. one of the kids i was with ended up going into someone elses house. heres how it went down.

this kid gets wayyy wasted (there are 3 kids in this story, kid 1, kid 2, and kid 3). like… way wasted. kid 1 is driving around with kid 2 and 3. kid 1 stopped the car for some reason. got out. kid 2 is passed out. kid 3 is barely conscious and krunked. kid 1 realized they werent where they thought they were. kid 1 gets back in. realizes the 3rd kid is missing. they are too messed up to do anything about it. next morning kid 3 calls them. this is what i collected from the story i was told:

apparently he thought he was dropped off at his house. he proceded to go inside some random house. somewhere in the midst of it all he lost all clothing minus a shoe and his under garments. he recollected vaguely that people were asking him alot of questions before police arrested him as he was in their bathroom washing his hands.

he spent the rest of the morning sobering up in the back of the police car. no charges were pressed.

how fuckin funny is that. and the more details you know they funnier.

i need to slow down.

yummer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

yummer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so today i decided that i appreciate the little clouds that are lost all by themselves in the massive atmosphere we call sky. they’re the real frontiersmen. they gather up surrounding moisture and dust and form lil blobs in the sky that i can watch when im bored. i honestly dont know what i’d do without them.

today i meditated to the note E. it was an uplifting experience.

i talked to this girl today. while i’ve already made the conclusion that i think all women are absolutely cracked out and crazy when it comes to dealing with thier feelings and insecurities and a multitude of other things- i am nonetheless attracted to them still. thankyou girl.

roasted anything is bound to be good.

photographs are pretty amazing. time is pretty amazing. when do you decide you’re satisfied?

i’ve been sleeping too much. i’ve been dreaming too much. should i be afraid of getting lost in my dreams?

when i get drunk i like pretending its the first time i got drunk. i can tell myself i got drunk for the first time a whole lot this week.

i think people are funny. i think people who think that they’ve got it figured out are funny. i think people that think they’re the happiest they’ve ever been are funny. i think people who think that partying is the best thing life has to offer are funny. i think people who dont read books are funny. i think people that dont dream are funny. i think people who judge are funny. people are funy.

i like clothes. it reassures me that the happiness my money brings me eventually loses its cool.

if i could find a girl that would give me all the sex i wanted and still be my friend- i’d marry her.

i like lights. esp green, blue, and red ones.

i wish i could fly a kite and chicks would dig it.

i want a bed of grass. soft grass. id get good sleep.

noises are scary. sometimes.

alright im tired. night.