My Monday Night

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

My Monday Night

500pm Monday after noon. gettin high at the figure 8. with jesse and jarod. Dino calls me. hes with Devin and Eric. We meet up. Jarod and jesse go home. i go with Dino. We chill. Took some shots of GM and wiskey. went to the beach. skim boarded. came home. decided that we should get drunk. no beer.

Dino has a stroke of genius. He dresses up in hobo clothes, a big jean jacket, a winter hat a 2 foot scraggly beard and aviator glasses. he incorporates a haggard drunk strung out voice to accomadate the attire. We go to sunoco, he goes in and comes back out. With 2 12 packs of BL!. wooooot.

we go back to dinos, pound 6 beers each. listen to dino jam on the guitar. we rate the songs that are goin on his new CD. awesome shit. smoke cigarettes. I officially got branded last night. the infamous heart on the right hand. it means= I am committed to going to colorado with dino the crew as soon as possible. (when i get out of the marines.) we decide to go on a drunken adventure. we walk to the BEACH. we’re singing loudly, dancing in the road, hootin and hollaring. laughing. get to the beach. watch the lightning storm thats far out at sea. sit on the beach and chill. We notice a LARGE mass moving on the shore. we’re like is that a turtle. we run up. ITS A 300lb SEA TURTLE. WE SHIT. so crazy. we’re all touchin it and tryin to pick it up. unfortunately it overpowered up and pulled us into the ocean before we let we walk , totally stoked that we just saw a friggen SEA TURTLE. we’re hungry. THIRSTY TURTLE WINGS. its like 1130. they’re kitchen is closed. they tell us to go to Kirbys. we venture to kirbys. JUST IN TIME to witness ladies getting naked for money. ofcourse us young bucks get excited and started throwin money around. A 30 year old GUIDANCE counselor from Ohio is on the bar stool givin us a peep show for our dollar bills. WHAT THE F. how crazy is that. we’re all drunk and order wings while all this mayhem at the bar is goin on. naked women crazy stuff. eat our wings. arm wrestling goin on. some 35 yearold dude is arm wrestling my friends while we sit outside and shoot the shit. hes like arm wrestle me. im like ok. i beat this guy. i dont think ive seen a guy so humiliated. an 18 year old drunk kid beat this 35 year old. i found it funny. 6 tries later i still beat him. funniest shit ever. ppl are drunk and rowdy. guys are doin back flips and walkin around on thier hands. wow. drunk ladies (with their husbands) are tellin us about the amazing head they give. my friends are all about this. haha. hittin on these older women like theyre gonna get some. it was funny. we go back to dinos, drink some more. smoke a bowl. chill out. listen to music. and…. pass out. wake up. its morning. have a grit and coffee. its pouring out. Lets go to the beach. we get up, put on some dirty shorts and go to the beach. skim board and shit. its all shitty out and we look like lunatics runnin around the streets half naked. go back to his house shower off and go home. what a night.

That was my monday night.

7:34 PM

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