Microwaved sweetpotatoes and chicken

im tired. eating microwaved sweetpotatoes and chicken three times a day is already getting old. my goal is to put on some serious mass so all my energy and focus is being expended on that little objective. 185 is a goal of mine. 10lb increase. no too impossible. my work is so damn boring. jakes going to europe. im jealous as hell. oh shit. ive always wanted to do some martial arts and its gotten to the point where im tired of putting it off. it seems that this is the best opprotunity to try it out. ive got plenty of time on my hands and very limited commitments elsewhere. jeet kune do. thats the shit i wanna learn.

its wednesday night. no work tomorrow. im considering going out tonight. if i dont. i wont be upset for some reason. im really looking forward to seeing some waves soon. ive been so busy its hard to find time to surf. um. hurricane season. looking forward to the hurricanes. woot.

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