i lvoe my friends. and i love life. and i love doing things i DONT like doing. cause in my mind i forget about how much i dont like doing this…or how much id rather be doing something else.. and think that im building my character and becoming a better person. self sacrifice. all that.
and right now im totally euphoric. i think about the future and whats in store and its amazing. unlimited. UNLIMITED. and i love this new book im reading. in the beginning i was a bit perturbed because of some interesting views and philosophies but all in all the book is full of inspiring power. its called “The Magic of Believeing” by Claude Bristol. anyway. its good.

and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

and i feel a little bad that i havent seen anyone lately and i havent been keeping in touch with as many people as id like to but the love is still there. Forgive me! im just doing my own thing. and thats the only thing thats gonna get me to where i wanna go. anyway. loveeeee

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