NEVER be decieved by women. They are a deathly seductive force to be reckoned with, but listen when i say you can see right through them. I do anyway. Woman dont phase me. Sure they have the power to. but i honestly dont give to much thought to their powers. They have no place in my life. i know what i want, and its usually very specific, and thats about the end of it. I dont believe anything out of a womans mouth. You know why? they never mean what they say. and the only reason they say anything is to convince themselves of what they believe in. Basically… all woman want is a reason to change thier minds. but dont give them a reason if its not good enough… or if the times not right. you shouldnt play games. You need to be secure and confident in yourself and tell them exactly what you think. anyway. ive got alot of love.

and i drove from south miami to jupiter in 55minutes… usually a hour and forty minute drive. woot. and its 4 in the morning. woot.

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