im extremely tired. im sorta blah at the moment. life is beautiful. Think about this. Whatever it is that you give attention to, you’ll get more of it. i mean. think about that. Think about the power you have if you grasp that concept. Whatever thoughts you flood your mind with, that is what you will get. do NOT do the contrary and think about everything you wanna avoid… because in the end yourgiving atttention to the very thing you do not want and you’ll end up getting more of it. its an incredible concept. im still in love with emerson. i swear i wish i could quote the book. i want to shove his works into someones head. His thought processes and intuition operates on a level of sophistication and logic that draws me in. I feel like i can relate to his ramblings. thats all they are usually anyway. rambling about the way he sees things. i love it tho. its amazing. i wish everyone has a chance to take on those thoughts. i dont know what to do with myself right now. not in the means of goals and dreams and ambitions… but of more heartfelt things. i think girls are absolutely amazing. but they operate in ways that i cant spend time to understand. id be spending all my free time trying to wrap my fingers around thier mystery. an impossible feat. im tired. night night.

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