My focus seems to be intermittently interrupted on an all to usual basis. This makes for constant, extremely frustrating, efforts of redirection. I would say that I’m plagued for the worst with a heavy millstone. Most would identify with the terminological acronym ADD, although I’d like to stray from this commonly coined, and all too misinterpreted term and say “overly interested”…in all things. It causes me to lose the most valuable thing a man has in his arsenal of defenses against life. His focus. I all to often lose touch with priorities, and the things that matter most in the personal development and achievement over my difficulties and goals. Once a worthy, noble, focus has been achieved the efforts to sustain and maintain the focus are comparable to keeping a match lit in a rainstorm. A massive array of distractions bombard and catch my attention, leaving me with little knowledge of the state of the priorities on hand. Unfortunately I stray in another direction and unknowingly I begin to lose a sense of where I’m at and why I’m doing what I’m doing. I question the habits i made for myself and slip into a confused analytical approach on life. Without my focus I’m lost. I’m in a dark room fumbling around. What I’ve realized though, is that I’ll never give up looking for the light switch.

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