Potential –> Action

^ |
| v

Belief/ Attiude <– Results

thats something i learned today.
This cycle initially started, causes momentum that can make you an unstoppable success.
Firstly, Your Potential is unlimitied. You limit yourself and your potential by your Beliefs and attitude, which is usually based on your certainties in life.
You can change the way you see these beliefs and certainties and attitude by changing the way you see the results (the certainties- which are not so certain, only up for interpretation).
If you change the way you interpret results for the benefit of your goals and life, you will positively allow change in your belief and attitude.
This allows you to perform to your peak ability due to the increased belief in your unlimited potential.
Peak performance with your actions will produce better results.
Which in turn adds to your beliefs and attitudes which continues to translate to increases the realization for potential which produces better actions which produces better results which confirm your positive beliefs and attitudes and so on and so forth.

get it?

thought it fascinating. Ive got some goals i need to get out of me. i need to pick up the pace in which i read and absorb information. I always want to pick up additional reading material pertaining real estate engineering and investing. I want to buy and sell real estate in college as a side job.

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