i remember being a kid. at heart. not necessarily a child. i remember when i thought about everything but me. i was happy. and i was curious. and i was loving. and willing to accept everyone. i liked people. and i liked those girls who happened to get me even more curious when they touched my world and perked my interests. i would be consumed with playing in my mind. whatever the activity- it was something personal in my mind. i was setting off fireworks tonight. i met these girls. we were on top of a penthouse on a skyscraper. dozens of firework displays were dazzling across the horizon. it was romantic. i was laughing at the funny quaintness of things. these girls. they were nice. and they complimented my night. i sat next to one. i wanted to know her. i was free with my thoughts and my speech. there was no one to impress. she laughed at me and i smiled at her. i entertained the thought. its funny. i was surprising myself with my mood and my clean mind. she liked my wit and charm. and it was for no one but the goodness of the night. i wasn’t holding myself back or pushing myself too hard. i was pleasant. i dunno.

tonight was nice. and i miss being young hearted. i soo serious. im sooo intense. i overthink and overtry. and overfeel. and geeze. i love letting go with my best foot forward. my heart is light 🙂

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