don’t lie

Develop the urge to achieve excellence everyday. To do your best everyday. To out do yesterday’s performance and focus by making today the greatest day of your life. The greatest day of your life will simply mean nothing to your state in the future if you don’t maintain that progress. You need to realize this:  Anything you accomplish, no matter how great, will never be good enough to sustain you.  You need to get the itch to make an effort to achieve those great accomplishments that move you forward and ahead of the pack on a daily basis.

Be real with yourself. No matter how much talk and how many dreams you con conjure they won’t do anything unless they are backed with action. Confront the facts of life. Where you are and where you are going and what kind of efforts you’re producing to get you there. Analyze what needs to be sacrificed and what tools or skills or insight should be added. Churchhill said, “I…. have no need for cheering dreams. Facts are better than dreams.” When you are real with yourself you can be real with your progress and when you make the effort to move forward based on your genuine applied efforts, you can bask in the feelings of that reward.

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