communicating fulfillment

There are a million ways to say something. How do you communicate so they hear?

I can say thing’s a million different ways. Each way represents a different way of looking at the very same thing. How do you communicate so that people can universally hear what you’re saying? How can you convict someone enough to listen? How do you stress the enormity and importance of what you’re saying?

When I write for teachers I wonder… they have a perception. They think we’re coming from a certain place. This is true whether or not they think so or not. They can try as hard as they way but in the end they have a place in their mind where they imagine we’re coming from. This perception may skew the place of your actual reference point. They develop an understanding in their mind of what kind of progression I need to make. What if its not a about progression but desire? If my desire is there I can make any amount of progression in any amount of time.

When I talk to people I hear that sometimes I’m overwhelming. I say too much. I try to encompass everything into mere sentences. I feel like it’s my duty to let them know I can feel as they do. I am human. I am not scared to expose my soul. It’s been trampled. I am sensitive under it all.

Do people understand this? I don’t know- but I feel inclined to share with my arms as open as I can. People can only relate with the experiences they’ve earned. No more. They can dream and imagine and that’s great- but you can only work with the material you’ve been given. When I talk or write or whatever… I try to touch on the common human aspect as much as I can. Forget the experiences and differences. I am human and I want to relate that.

I feel that to accomplish this I need to use as many idea’s and understanding and perceptions as possible. I then feel inclined to choose the word that I can encapsulate or encompass or squeeze in or pack full of or saturate or develop or realize or specify- as much of the human commonality as I can. I think this involves speaking in truths. Truths are universal- whether or not the eye chooses to see it in it’s true color or not. That’s a decision. But when I truth is declare, it resonates with common human understanding. The longing for satisfaction and definition arrives and it eager, almost enthusiastic or tickled, to try it on for a better understanding.

The minds that refrain from thinking outside the comfortable walls, walls built out of a primitive and base desire for a fulfilling  life, will stay just as they are– enclosed from the light outside, and blinded by dark shadows caused by the wall they built for themselves. They do not see very far at all. The implications of their behavior and understanding as it relates to the scheme of life and reality is totally unimaginable to them in their eyes. They only see how to implicates their feelings and the world within the walls.


I started that thought from my original inquisitiveness brought on by accurately communicating. How to do you say it all in as few words as possible. Not everything. Not all understanding. Only the understanding another looks for. You cannot feed someone if they are not hungry. I know that people hunger for more than just bread and I want to provide that satisfaction. I want to relay something that will cure them of their search.

I want to communicate whatever needs to be communicated as the moment their eyes and ears engage for stimulating or thought provoking insight that will aid them on their journey for fulfillment and understanding.

What do you call that? I refer to it in so many ways. It’s not something, its a void that encompasses a huge amount of idea’s. Its the thirst for Understanding, Answers, Truth, Right, Betterment, Excellence, Love, Kindness, Hope, Faith, Strength, Passion, Joy, Happiness, Fun,—- I guess I would say… Fulfillment. To fulfill or Fill in Full. Whatever we try to fill is I suppose relative to whatever we’re looking for. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is fulfilling. Many times we think it’s going to fulfill us… until we realize it doesn’t. We want something more. Something more satisfying. A Perfection we can grasp onto.

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