this weekend was pretty fun. All last week I was stressin for no reason. I think it was brought on in part to the lack of social stimuli. I have no desire to really mingle or play in vermont. I’m focused on doing what I have to do to get out of here. I guess that’s pretty close minded. I have this mentality that I’ve seen it all before- which is a horrible mentality to approach any situation but coming from florida to vermont was a giant back step. i’m trying my best to warm up to the idea of getting out and doing things with people. Slowly…anyway.

I was reading today about… some dude… and this chart. It’s a pyramid of needs. I’ve always thought of myself with layers. The most important is the spiritual health. Second is the mental health. Third is the physical/ emotional health. if ones out of balance it causes corrosion that erodes inward or outward. anyway. this guy introduced this whole pyramid that is based on ones performance and the importance of having each base before it stable in order to fulfill the next. The first and most important base was the physiological needs- those of basic survival aka food, water, shelter.
Second was safety needs- being in a secure environment to be able to focus and feel safe.
Third is social needs- to feel loved, accepted, and part of a group.
Fourth is esteem needs- the need for recognition and acknowledgment from others, as well as self respect and the sense of status or importance
Fifth is the Self-actualization needs- to develop to ones fullest potential.

If one of the subsequent needs weren’t met there would be a lack in motivation to succeed and achieve. Interesting I thought…. I tried to parallel it with my life and I found similarities.

I neglect certain aspects and eventually they catch up and I end up seeking them out- either positively or negatively. I need to be social- as much as I want to be a nerd and study all day and read, its lame and it has negative affects on my desire to achieve. My social needs coincide with the esteem needs. which coincide with the self actualization needs. anyway.

I think I fear that I’ll put myself around the wrong people. I despise destructive people with no goals who drift aimlessly from one mindless act to another- victims to their impulses or lack of thought. I want to put myself around the best- those who has a strong desire to achieve and overcome and honestly bask in the fruitful rewards of hard work and discipline towards worthwhile goals and ideals. I recently realized that these people don’t always pop out at you and you gotta go find them… and it’s alright if they have different goals then you. They still desire much from themselves.

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