I have an uncontrollable urge to be happy. To recognize God at the center of everything is so reassuring. I’ve been reading “discourse on method” by Rene Descartes. His mind operates in the same fashion as mine. I can relate wholly with his sound step by step construction of concepts and insights that manufacture irrefutable reasons and philosophies that are almost tangible in their truth. I think, therefore I am. This is a subject I’ve talked to many people about. As I grow older I recognize the importance of faith. I know what faith means from my own experience, but explaining in to people in a relatable manner can be difficult. Faith is believing without seeing.  Contrary to what’s being taught in modern schools, anything we encounter as realty is really subjective. Only the idea of the reality reinforces the validity of what we encounter. Nothing is a constant. Truth is very subjective to every eye. So how can we believe anything? Schools only teach an analytical approach to the system which deals solely with semantic paradigms that they recognized were always apart of our understanding. They fail to address anything that supposes anything outside the constructs of being tangible, even though the idea’s of many of their suppositions are intangible. In order to see something, the idea and understanding must exist first and foremost. We cannot consider something we cannot conceive. Since the beginning of understanding there have always been men that originally conceived ideas that were revolutionary and contrary to previous maxims. After the idea is tested and resonates with other truths collected, it is accepted.

God and his existence are not apart of their world. The concept of God and his perfection must first be understood for us to venture towards truth. Understanding must enter.

Rene talked about doubts. Doubts are everywhere. Doubt is the opposite of perfect since perfection is whole and needs not contrary conjectures to understand. Doubts are not of God, who is perfect and whole. I’m going to have to reread that last chapter to reinforce my understanding of his reasoning, but it was profound. God. Faith.

How do we know anything is real? It first starts as an idea, we put faith into that idea, and we expound upon it. If it is of God, it will reflect solid grounding and will bring forth fruit- of life or constructive progress in general.

I like to create: To think novel, new, and meaningful things, ideas, and concepts. I like assimilating all I know and test it against everything I have experienced. I take everything into consideration and weigh it against my reasoning. I like to face confrontations and fears in hopes of gaining a better understanding of the things that may seem daunting. When you trust God and strive to develop his understanding you can face anything in the world and have the strength and courage to dissect anything that confronts you.

I’d like to learn another language just so I could read books in their native tongue and think in a manner that resembles their process.

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