fear and desire

People don’t change unless there is a recognized need to change. No one changes for no reason. When a need presents itself it’s accompanied by two forms of motivating factors that fuel the need to change. Desire and Fear. Those two dynamics hugely impact our lives on a daily basis. Fear allows us to survive, yet it inhibits growth. Fear is the last thing you want governing your needs. Desire is the most powerful emotion in the world. Love and sex are probably the two most powerful desires within the human psyche. They’re also the most important for relationships and, of course, reproduction.

I was thinking about the topics of fear and desire. Desire requires a lot more faith and energy. Fear is almost programmed into us. Its cowardice. Its shame to confront the facts and truths and obeying the desires dwelling within you because of the lack of confidence people have in themselves. The fear of failure. They suppress who they are and what they want. WHY. FEAR. It’s a lie. We have nothing to lose. I wish I could buy into this myself, cause as I say this I feel like there are things I’m afraid to see out, for fear of rejection or failure. It’s a load. I, nor anyone else has anything to lose.

My desire to be fueled with faith; seeking out my passions until they fulfill me, or satisfied with all that I could have done or is worth doing.

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