Life’s dramatic stages.

Only show people what you want them to see. This life is a giant stage where we reveal our greatest acts. At the end of the day or month or year, very few audiences will be there to tell you how much your performance touched them. The crowds come and go between your ongoing preparation for the next show. The few that stay you can call your best friends, your biggest fans. It’s these people you cherish when the lights are out and the crowds dissipate. The gallery of critics aren’t paying your bills, they’re not you’re friends, and they won’t coach you through the tough times. No need to squander time convincing the nefarious to stay around. You have one chance of a life time to put on the best show this world has ever seen. The reality is that nothing is what it seems, our lives play out only what we choose to reveal. So choose wisely and be yourself, burn with passion and eager zest. Our only job is to develop our character to be the most appealing possible, fulfilling the roles we’ve chosen to the best of our ability. Never forget that you’re on stage where ever you go. The audience is every where. Love your role as an individual who touches lives with your own human experience.

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