I accept the circumstances I’m given. I take on responsibility for myself. I realize my success starts with overcoming myself. I’ll never let myself be pathetic. I love who I am. I’m certain of who I am and the convictions I hold for myself. I don’t need the world’s approval. I don’t seek the world’s approval. I’m not sorry for who I am. I don’t believe in failure, only learning opportunities. I’m only compete with myself. I always seek to tap more of my potential. I prefer to be classy. I don’t belittle myself. I don’t need to flatter or seek others approval to get ahead. I identify my short, medium, and long term gratifications and ensure they are balanced for good. I surround myself with success models- whether it be from people, books, audio or video etc. I’m committed to my purpose and goals. I love to travel, exploring the world and getting outside my bubble and routine.

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