Psychology & NLP

I was transformed a few years ago by the book “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen. Since then I’ve taken control of myself and my thoughts, choosing and employing the very best to maximize my potential and reach my goals.

I began reading voraciously and consumed mountains of the classic self-help, philosophy. and psychology books. Eventually I found myself reading about the teachings and philosophies of NLP. The more I read the more I realized that NLP is nothing more than the philosophy of employing the fundamental principles of success and excellence. The more I read into NLP the more I realized I was already practicing much of what NLP teaches. I had already programmed myself with a variety of virtues and tools I never had prior to my commitment to excellence by reading the philosophies and thoughts of the greatest achievers who lived.

I also noticed parallels within psychology and NLP. Recently I’ve studied the findings of Schachter and Singer and their two factor theory of emotion. I think this theory illustrates an essential part in understanding why/how NLP works. (To sum it up: We choose our response to stimulus based on a cognitively labeled state of arousal. Whether this arousal is strong or weak doesn’t matter- we cognitively decide how react and feel about the stimulation and response.) Whenever I mention NLP who’s had no personal experience with the teachings I’m often met with criticism that its a pseudo scientific cult. Anything can be taken too far, but NLP seems to be to be such a fundamental approach to employing positive philosophies and patterns of thinking in every and any area of ones life.


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