Schools a joke. Gosh. I’ve exerted so little energy lately. I’m just waiting for it to come back and bite me big time but somehow I keep ending up with flawless performances. gosh… tests today. papers due. meetings. ugh. hm. Life is grand. I keep looking forward to the future.

Its beautiful in vermont right now. Absolutely breathtaking. I should take a picture. The weather is heavenly… like soft gentle zephyrs rolling over the hills and flowing through the trees. Its the kind of air that you breath in and want more. I take bid deep breaths and hold it in and it breaths out fresh! The trees are changing all sorts of colors. radiant reds and burning oranges. Yellows and bright greens mottled here and there. the sun shines brightly although its cool. The skies are crisp and light. Very blue and cool.

Class in 5 minutes.

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