Socialized healthcare *

I laughed to myself. I was discussing politics as usual with my friend a bit earlier. He’s a staunch (or steeply ignorant)Democrat with very liberal ideas about what seems to work and what doesn’t. That’s not really the point. — On a side note. I was thinking earlier and I had a mini epiphany. Liberals genuinely think people on the whole are good. When something goes wrong they point the accusatory finger and blame specific people for their problems, never accepting responsibility. Conservatives, on the other hand, believe people have potential to be good, but the majority are prone to failure and flaw if left to themselves.—
So anyway… we were discussing health-care. He believes in socialized healthcare. I believe that yea, there should be programs in place for health-care but at whose expense? Who will pay for these programs? Would mom and pop, you and me? Will the doctors be be forced to accept lower wage incentives because of a socialized system? Would this sacrifice quality? Surely. He staunchly maintained that 60% of doctors favor socialized health-care!… that these doctors favor giving their time to help the poor people at a lower wage! How poetic! I challenged him to check the facts and look at the hidden prerogative. So we checked these facts. He was right. Most doctors do favor socialized health care. And do you know why? Because the government… aka Taxpayers… will be paying for their malpractice suits!!! Wow! No wonder Doctors favor Social health care programs. They don’t have to shell out nearly as much money for their malpractice insurance- which is through the roof. Which is why health care is so expensive anyway. Do you know why this insurance is so high? Because dishonest, ignorant, idiot people sue Doctors and the corrupt courts sympathize and make them pay out big time! Not all lawsuits are illegitimate but many are due to the ignorance of the patient. Poor doctors preying on people are just as much to blame. But then we go back to the Socialization of it all. Where is the incentive to be the best if all the doctors are paid virtually the same? Where is the incentive? You’re efforts aren’t being justly rewarded for your services. You can’t make someone be better. There needs to be incentive and the majority of people out there don’t strive for excellence for the sheer sake of it.

America is the best because we’ve allowed freedom of choice. With that freedom comes rewards! Better quality and more variety! Its basic economics!! Eliminate choice and you eliminate freedom- whether you are a producer or a consumer. Hail Democracy! Hail capitalism!

Anyway. Ramble ramble.

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2 thoughts on “Socialized healthcare *”

  1. this always brings me back to the question..who is happier? who leads a more fulfilling life? which country loves life the most? another thing is self experience…living in another country would surely change your mind, everyone always thinks their system is the best! Everything can always be better!

    1. 🙂
      I know. This post was intentionally provocative. I’m not that much of a jingo. I think our constitution is a miracle- but our government and its policies are in no way perfect.

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