how to be happy.

You may not understand the power or significance this had on me, but the the day I started moving forward and progressing with my life was the day I realized that I alone am responsible for everything and anything that happens to me. I am ultimately accountable for every thought, every feeling and every action. As far as I’m concerned, If something negative/bad/unfortunate/ undesirable happens to me, there is something I could have done to avoid it. It may not be directly my fault, but it is indirectly my fault. Life is a river… if you are not swimming forward, upstream towards desirable worthwhile goals and ideas and thoughts, you are drifting backwards- towards undesirable things. I was a victim my whole life until I realized this. No one is responsible for my success, happiness, fulfillment other than me- and If I’m capable of making a single decision, I am capable of living a fulfilling life. When I realized life was about choices, I realized that I was going to make the best. So I surrounded myself those who’ve made only the best choices, and cut myself off from people who make poor choices. I read books by people who’ve made good choices and realized success. I saturated my brain and mind with ways to become better than I am– and I never give up. There is no failure until you give up. Every time you do not succeed is a chance to do it again- only better. I realized anytime I thought I was a failure in life is when I gave up. Now I never give up and I always get better and I always succeed given enough time. I also realized that I need to have a worthwhile dream/ goal in order to succeed. I never had a goals or purpose with my life and I never achieved. How was I suppose to arrive/achieve if I didn’t know where I was going? When I decided that only I can know where I will eventually end up was the day I made decisions about my direction/ goals/ dreams. I have one life to live. Every day I am not happy is a day I’ll never get back. Every day I’m ok with being unhappy is a day I rob myself. Another huge thing I realized that that we are what we repeatedly do. If we choose to think thoughts over and over again, we will eventually get in the habit of thinking those thoughts. If I choose to act or do things over and over again, I’ll get into those habits- and habit are hard to break. Its up to me to choose the very best thoughts and actions for habits. Also- thoughts are used to describe life and thoughts make you feel. If you think and believe in positive thoughts- you will feel good. If you think negative thoughts- you will feel bad. If you are in the habit of thinking negative thoughts- and you want to think positive, you probably won’t feel too positive in the beginning- habits are hard to break and so are states of mind. I hit bottom so bad for so long that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I made the decision to give life a big fuck you and be the best person I can be. I wanted and desired it so bad that I wouldn’t let anything get in the way. If you don’t want something bad enough, chances are, you will not achieve it. Also- who we are is the person you are being right now. We are not our past. We can make the decision to change our actions and thoughts whenever we want. The longer i succeed, the more I succeed at, the more confidence I will have to continue to succeed. Initially I thought I was faking it.. that being successful and happy was not who I was. Then I thought… who cares! I want to be happy and successful. So I acted as if I was happy and successful- fake it until you make it. Eventually I looked back, and people came to know me as happy and successful- not the person I was 6 months or a year or 5 years ago. No one tells me who I am. I decide every moment. And I choose to be the best I know how.

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