Dae 2 Dae

Life’s funny. I’m doing great. I’m enthusiastic. I realized long ago that if I ever want to reach a certain mental or emotional state, all I need to do is act enthusiastic. Its neat. If I want to be happy, I act happy. But not fake it.. oh no… I mean… be happy. So easy it’s almost deceiving. I believe we are what we repeatedly do. We also attract more of the same thoughts we dwell on. It’s so important to dwell on uplifting great things.

I was on a student panel today for the world usability concert. My little school hosted the event and we had people from Google, Microsoft and a score of other schools like Dartmouth College and other New England schools. They had us talk about our learning styles and any difficulties or powerful experiences we’ve faced throughout our career. All these people are focused on how to be more effective and efficient when it comes to relaying information- specifically on a computing and website design/layout level.

Its interesting to thing about. What makes learning some thing so effortless and others so daunting. If they could somehow instill classrooms or websites or software with properties that inspired people… that would be the key to ultimate usability. Creative energies would be tapped and progress would flow.

A few more weeks till thanksgiving… then a week and a half… then finals… then a 5 week winter break… followed by transfer applications galore… followed by a whole semester… followed by a summer internship (hopefully one thats gratifying and rewarding)… followed by me being where I’ve been looking forward to be in years… my dream school! We’ll see though. NYU???

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