This weekend has been fruitless. Hm. Not too much work done. I feel paralyzed. I know I’ll finish it all. Finals week is exhausting… just because of the sheer anxiety I carry around every waking moment.

I can’t wait to go home for break… read ALLLL DAY! ALL NIGHT! GOsh! I loveeee reading. I love me time. haven’t had any of that for..sheesh… wow… can’t remember.

I need to sleep. Study group nice and early tomorrow.

This break I’m working out again. I’m renewing the commitment to myself to lead the healthiest lifestyle possible. I need to take my vitamins. Be conscientious about what I eat. Eating regularly. Sleeping regularly. All of which have gone out the window. I also will be practicing will power. I’ve undermined mine this semester. Given in to the moment. I will write everyday. I will read every day. I will exercise. I will regain a balance in my life. I will do things I don’t want to do only because they build character. I will embrace it. yipee! Sleep. ZZzzz

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