Questions to answer

I love written language- Alexander Pope is amazing (reading ‘essay on criticism’. Words fail to paint the passionate esteem I hold for him.

I need to get this out of me. I have an exam in a couple of hours… I should… no… must be studying microecon… but I my plan is to journal these thoughts first.

There are no shoulds in life. At least… there should be not ‘should’s. How about… there must be not ‘should’s in life. There should only be ‘must’s’. Or how about… There must be only ‘musts’.

There is no shoulds. There is only musts.


I have some questions I want to verify with research.
I think about these questions all the time… they’re the meat of what I mull over.

What role does the cognitive processes play on feelings?
or..How much of how we feel is dictated by cognitive processes?
What role does belief play in our feelings?
or How does belief dictate how we feel (physiologically or mentally)?

Do we think because we feel?
or do we feel because we think?
Are we feeling before we think? Or thinking before we feel?

We control do we have over our feelings?
What role does focus play in our feelings and thoughts (emotional/mental state of being)?


There are people that argue genetics left and right (regarding psychology and the brain) . They contribute this or that to uncontrollable genetic factors, and that may be alright, but to relinquish any control whatsoever to uncontrollable factors seems like giving up. Maybe if we fight it we cause immense grief with ourselves and dissonance in our life. But I feel that when we say that intelligence, emotional states, or things of that nature are pre-determined, we sabotage our future. I say this because we allow ourselves to undermine certain desires. When I say desires I’m referring to a yearning for a satisfaction brought about by something. People should learn to desire things within themselves. States of mind within themselves. Not outside themselves. External stimulation is soo brief. The gratification extends only for a short period of time before leaving the body parched and thirsty for more. The problem is that the world outside ourselves obeys time tables that can never afford to quench these desires permanently. If we search internally to satisfy these desires, we can constantly conjure contentment. Its within us.

Thats why I love the imagination. The imagination can create. You must be deliberate with your intention and what you want, but your mind, subconsciously, works to actualize that desire. And it does.

It all goes back to those quotes "If the man is right, his world will be right." Maybe the world inside our minds is the spirituality, the playgrounds of the untamed soul. Our soul is us, and it is our intention and desires. We choose them, and there is no one else with our disposition.

Anyway… I need to study. If I manage to make accurate predictions about my exam material and degree of difficulty, and get in all my extensions, I’ll maintain that 4.0 I’ve committed to live and die by. Today… microecon. tomorrow. calc and managerial accounting. ick. 🙂

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