sx stry

Life is about freedom. Right?

Money is nice. I wonder if its a typical stage in ones life… the money stage… the success stage… being young and motivated by the desire to succeed and earn what’s deserved. I always imagine me being successful. Do i ever talk about anything interesting? I swear to God. I feel like I’m constantly mind dumping. I really have reached a point of complete zen-nirvana. My mind fails to distinguish between meaningful and unmeaningful thoughts. blah. man oh man.

Sex is great.

I had sex on a mountain last week. First time ever. It was great being at the peak, looking out over the horizon, watching the warm glowing sunset, butt-ass naked. I felt like I was in the last of the Mohican’s. Screw the damn hikers. The truth is we got some good IPA, went for a nice nature hike to the top of this mountain, breathed fresh air and enjoyed the mountain scenery. Nothing too strenuous… at first.

When we initially got the the top there were a lot of people up there… as we approached the summit we caught wind of melodious jingles, repetitious chanting, happy flutes, rhythmic drumming and what not. We thought it was some sort of cult gathering… turned out to be some sort of Scottish folk dancing club. It added to the whole mystique. It was majestic…the old flute/wind pipe was magical. It sounded like forest elf music…whatever that sounds like.

Anyway.. the top of this mountain had like… an AMAZING view… we were like one of the tallest mountains in the horizon… the clouds weren’t that far above our head. There happened to be awesome soft grass to lay on, likened to thick moss. Nice smooth rocks to sit on, or jump up on to peer at the rest of the landscape. I brought some trail mix to munch on and some nice india pale ale to savor.

We left before sunset so we could hike back down and not get lost. Unfortunately…. we took another path down. We are the adventurous sort… so it was the right thing to do. This path, as it turned out, didn’t take us back to our car, but on a 8 mile hike around the mountain. We didn’t realize it till about half way. The most tragic part was an hour and a half later, we thought we were on the right path… and we saw a clearing… and then a dreaded feeling hit me as I became more aware… we were at the top of the mountain again.

So we said fuck it.. exhausted… we plopped down. I don’t know why, but I got horny and she got horny and the next thing I know I was running around naked. Sex ensued thereafter. I think it relieved a lot of stress (I highly recommend nature sex. It was very invigorating). I hiked those 8 miles in sandals, because it was suppose to be a mile… not eight. We did manage to watch the sun set… which was gorgeous. We did end up finding our way back, practically in the dark. Next best thing happened. My car didn’t start. So I decided that we should roll down the mountain. I popped it into gear and started the engine that way… didn’t last long tho. My battery died and i had to call a tow truck anyway. boo hoo.

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