Succeeding with LD’s

This is an amazing article… I highly recommend it..

Identifying Alterable Patterns in Employment Success for Highly Successful Adults with Learning Disabilities

To sum it up, the article discusses the qualities that differentiate moderately successful people with learning disabilities (LD’s- ADHD & Dyslexia) and Highly Successful people with LD’s.

Since success is subject they broke it down into 5 qualities. There were 181 participants from a nominated group of 200.

I’ll write more about findings and applications of the study. For now, read it!

One thought on “Succeeding with LD’s”

  1. This article had such a great impact on me because I was about to IDENTIFY those patterns in myself. PhD, HERE I COME.
    (This is the article I was going to send you if you hadn’t read it already, by the way.)

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