I am dying right now. yesterday I sat inside… it was beautiful. I got wrecked on Friday night. Saw girltalk. They sold out like day two so I had to buy a ticket from some chick for $10 bucks extra. boo. The concert wasn’t even that great. The stage was low so you had to be really close to see him real good. They said it was sold out, but only half the gymnasium was filled. psh.

I’m writing a paper on Plato’s Meno on the subject of Correct opinion vs. knowledge and its significance in the Dialog. Its killing me. I really do not want to write this paper. I will… damnit… i will… but i am so not into it. As much as I enjoy reading Plato and about Socrates and all that, I despise these readings. The dialog structure is often incoherent, with roundabout arguments and unnecessary filler. This one especially. Half of the dialog is useless mumbo jumbo. I mean… its all useful, but not what I’m using it for.

So my essay… I have about a page and a half done. I need six. Ouch. I wrote a rough draft, but i decided I wasn’t going to use any of that material… that also hurt. Its due tomorrow morning… and I’m sure it’ll be a long long night for me.

Correct opinion vs knowledge…

Well… let me ramble off some thoughts here. Correct opinion… to Socrates this was the first step to acquire knowledge. Socrates illustrates that we know everything already, its just a matter of recollecting these truths. He demonstrates this with his geometric lesson to the slave boy. After a series of questions by Socrates, the slave, who thought he was certain in his knowledge of geometry, ended up being wrong. Socrates then says, watch what happens when he recollects in a certain order. Now Socrates asks leading questions and the slave arrives at a correct opinion, or the true answer. (There are obvious reasons why this example is flawed proof of recollection that I won’t get into here.) So Socrates points our that the Slave was able to arrive at the right answer through correct opinion, and that if he repeated this procedure, the correct opinion would lead to knowledge that he could teach others.

While the utility is the same, Socrates points out that knowledge is distinctly different from correct opinion in that there is a why, or justification, behind it. Correct opinion is fleeting, like a runaway slave. It is useful while it remains, but when it escapes us it has no value. Knowledge is a correct opinion that has been tied down. Why is this important?

Well.. going back to the original purpose of their discussion, ‘Can virtue be taught?’. Socrates argues that knowledge can be taught, but that there are no teachers of virtue so it must not be knowledge.

soo… the point…

I don’t know whats wrong with me these days but my attention span is next to nil. I have been having incredible trouble completing readings… staying on task… completing tasks… thinking coherently through papers… staying organized… etc. My mind is a whirlwind. I have ten thousand thoughts at once… all playing at the same time. I can’t even distiguish between one and another. They are all fragmented and incomplete. I don’t get it. Perhaps its my sleep schedule? I’ve been getting to get late. Perhaps I haven’t been that interested in the material? I know in the past my attention was directly hinged on how emotionally invested I was to the subject… knowing that I took extra measures to ensure I was engaged and involved… including many in class questions and countless office hours. I feel that my classes are entirely too large for these types of questions, and my professors are too busy to deal with casual conversations about the material. I might be wrong but this is my take.

Gosh. I have a headache.

So. Point being? Correct opinions and knowledge. BLAH

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