The Q

I was just in line at Qdoba. amazing. I just got two free burritos. One was a coupon this guy handed me for a free breakfast burrito. the other was my, buy 10 burritos get one free deal. Score.

So in line, I met quite a few people. Belmont alum… who wished they were from Vandy… they exuded defensive pretentiousness. Also, some amazing Vanderbilt TA’s. One was 25 from Tokyo with broken english (chen)… cute as anything. the other from Southern France (victor. sorta queer… not in an offensive or weird way… just different and interesting. no one else in the line liked them or held a conversation with him.. but I did. and i enjoyed it). I liked both quite a bit. She was studying… who knows… a bunch of ridiculous hard stuff. He, at 23, was on his way to fulfilling his Phd in American literature (finished BA in france and his MA in Brighton) He came to Vanderbilt so he could use our library. bitch. I’m 23, and i’m not even done my undergrad. lol.

anyway… he was cool. We talked politics, and international issues. he’s fiscally conservative, and politically social. He asked me if I had family values… i said why ofcourse… he chuckled and said why… I said cause I was brought up with them, and i believe they work… he said are you liberal?…i said I stand to the left and lean to the right… he said you are a conservative.

I was like… BIOTCH. France dude!, what do you know?!

Soo…. I went to Pike tonight. Nappy roots played. I hate douchbags who think they are cool… they have all their brothers and shit… and think they own shit. When in reality… in the real world… they are a giant, saggy, genital part (trying not to be gender biased here). with little or no social, OR cool, skillz. So. Basically my friend got kicked out for no reason. So i’m bitter. but it was family weekend so I drank with moms and dads… and it was awesome.

they i went to Phi kap.

and danced with fine ladies.

Then I talked to a brother at Phi delt. He was from Greenwich Ct. Awesome dude.

Then I smoked an l. and then I stood on a ledge with a 100ft drop. then my friends started screaming bloody murder… sayin I was a crazy mofo. then i got down.

The i went to the Q.

I’m drunk.

Tomorrow I’m doing ridiculous amounts of homework. Its 5am!



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