Random musings.

Life. It is not a question to be answered, not a problem to be solved. It is a mystery that is meant to be lived. Exist fully, know yourself, and true life is known.
Why do we think we have a certain amount of time? Why do we build destiny into life? Now is infinite.
Vibrations. Words are spoken and they are gone. Yet, they can plant themselves into minds and hearts and grow into reality at a later time. Words contain power beyond comprehension. Speak love and truth.
Miracles are non-unique. They are unique to the eye that perceives. Our ability to perceive limits our ability to wonder.
God. Why do we seek to conform to that which is formless and infinite? Our efforts in vain and futile. When you define, you confine.
There are no absolutes. Everything is in flux. Everything flows and changes form. Do not take stock in absolutes.
Conscious existence did not begin when we enter reality. Reality is consciousness that opens itself to us.
Love is knowledge of unity, that all things are one. Love for fellow man, for earth, for your partner is a knowledge of your unity, your ultimate reliance.
Know why you act and react. Why are things beautiful, or not. Why we are attracted or repulsed.
Death is a permanent part of life. Mortality is timely in nature. We cannot and should not delay this realization by living in the future. Live now.
What is consciousness? More on that later.
We are simply matter. What makes us unique? Order. Order is the hallmark for life.
Does consciousness arise from order? On what scale? Does consciousness exist on a microcosmic scale? In our brains only? Or can it exist on a macrocosmic level? Is the universe conscious of itself?
Vibrations. Knowledge can be communicated through vibrations. We associate sensations with vibrations. We use a the word ‘tree’ to describe a plant. We experience this plant and recall the word, the sensation it produced when it fell on our ears for the first time, and understand its meaning.

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