Brief thoughts.

We are what we think. I decided that I fully endorse determinism. If there was no determinism, there would be no statistics. Nor would there be mathematics or any logic and laws of thought. However, we know that these operating principles serve as necessary conditions for reason, and without them we would know nothing. Reason, coherence, dialectic procession would be fantastical.

I am a determinist. I have been shaped by my circumstance; by my parents, my geography, my peers, my language, my history, my culture, my education, my nutrition, my government, my time, my birth, my name, my siblings, my world. I am a victim, a mere product, a result, of mechanical circumstantial processes. Do not let this intimidate you. I am unique, wholly unique, there is none like me, nor will there ever be another in my likeness. I contain experience, and physical and genetic material that allows me to actualize and respond to my world most appropriate to my survival.

This notion of free will was implanted by some sardonic hedon. There is no free will. Free will is a fabricated conception,

So after a long line of processes that afford up with

bed sleepy

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