I need more creativity in my life. More contra-positions. I love melding opposites together. Resistant forces that repel one another. Combining things in novel ways. Ways that make people smile, or catch their breath in ghastly renouncement.

Creativity is problem solving. It is creating a solution, a missing piece, that fills the world with more depth and complexity and vivacity. Creativity moves people. It adds life to the world, to the mind, to the environment.

Reflection is a creative act. It is taking two ideas, and comparing and contrasting them to find similarities or differences. This process allows for the combination of characteristics that yield an entirely new and sovereign idea. Creativity is synthesis. The whole is greater than the sum.

Creativity. Foster exposure to seemingly unrelated positions, perceptions, or what have you. Challenge from the other side of things. Get uncomfortable. Get lost in confusion. Allow it to blend, amalgamate, and coalesce into something new. Produce something fresh. Inspiring. Insightful. Not more of the same.

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