Super tired. Gonna get this out while its on my mind. Revise later.

The past several days have been pretty exhausting. Thursday night was a shit show that left me feeling less than pleasant the following day. The night started off having dinner with a friend, followed by my first episode of its always sunny. Our dinner was scrambled eggs mixed with Tilapia, cold black beans, cold broccoli, and a slice of bread buttered with peanut spread. Shortly thereafter I went to the house and got incredibly intoxicated after several rounds of beer pong. I never remember conversations when I drink at the house. Memory seems to somehow stay there. Anyway. I went to Dan McGuinness for awhile before heading to Hollywood Disco. It was advertised as girls gone wild audition night, but not a soul was there. As a result, we got in free and a guy who turned out to be the manager bought us shots after learning we were from a fraternity. We swapped numbers in hopes of arranging a collaborative bar night. After disco we called a driver and headed to deja vu. Don’t ask. That was a brief trip. I don’t remember much else. Other than it was byob. Friday was hectic. I’m not sure how I woke up. Friday night, well, we had a party at the house. I met this girl who insisted we go back to my house at the end of the night. I didn’t object. I was pretty much blacked out. Despite that, I got an odd feeling from her, so I decided to just pass out. Maybe it was her attempts to lead me to accept Jesus in her drunken stupor. Not sure. Thank god nothing bawdy happened. The next morning I wake up and we introduce each other. Cordially. I take her home. I head to the house for, yet again, another party. This time, 12am. We have a case race composed of 6 teams of 4 people. We DQ after our teammate hurls. The band high tide blues plays on our patio. I was annihilated. It was a great time. My memory was hazy. At some point I wander upstairs and hang out in one of the bedrooms. I meet my friends friend from Texas State. She needs a companion to walk her to her hotel. I drunkenly volunteer. Somehow I end up in chipoltle. Then I somehow arrive home. Or sorta home. I walk into my sisters apartment and just hoot and hollar and crash on her couch for the rest of the night. This morning I woke to have breakfast with Matt, Conrad, Ravi and my sister at cafe coco. Afterwards i head to centennial park to read and journal and soak up nature and my surroundings. It was a vivacious day. Cool, sunny, breezy. Glorious. Four hours later I eat lunch at cafe coco with my bro Dan. He divulges his history the past two years away from college. I listen intently and empathize. I’m glad we talked. It was good. Not sure what else I did.  Night.

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