Homecoming Weekend.

Thursday night began the onslaught of abuse that my body endured for the next several days. The past week I had restrained impulsive thoughts and focused my energies on my studies.

I drank at the house Thursday. I can’t seem to remember that night very well. Thursday and Friday seemed to have blurred together. I do recall going down town with some alumni. I didn’t go out very late. I was back by two. I remember I stayed up, as usual and against my better judgement, till three before going to bed. I believe we went to rippey’s. I had class that morning so I didn’t stay very long. It was a decent night.

Friday night I raged. I got to the house relatively late, I believe 1045, and caught up with all the alumni. I brought about ten beers. I remember thinking that was probably way too much, but decided that I could always give them away. We headed downtown around one in the morning. Paradise park was on the agenda but after finally waiting thirty minutes to get in, it turned out the scene was pretty lame. Drunk musicians equal poor music. Additionally, it was packed beyond measure. I decided to dip out so I found a friend and we walked across the street to second fiddle. More friends were there, and you could actually breath, which was comfortable. Somehow I managed to find the group of guys I rode downtown with. We commiserated and decided to go to a strip club. Classy.

We tell the cabby to take us to the best club in down. Bad idea. He takes us to probably the shittest place we could possible stumble into. These scenes are always less than becoming. The girls were probably all post 40 years old and most had several kids, at best.

One girl was particularly memorable. She was on stage, acting like a maniac, not a sensual performer. Completely out of her mind, she made comments like “can you see my tampon”. Completely foul. She was pretty hung up on me, continually batting her eyes, and trying to play these bizzare flirtatious games. I was just nauseas. She was literally dancing and jumping on stage, naked, like some one who just freebased several hits of angel dust. Totally out of her mind. when we was done she came down and began assaulting us. I kept to myself, but my friend was having a ball. She kept telling me how handsome I was, and how she had a kid my age. Not quite the turn on. She also confessed she was a grandmother. I’m not sure where they learned to turn guys on, but that’s typically not how you do it.  At that point she asked if we wanted to hang out afterwards. My friend was all about it. I was less than enthusiastic. She took my phone out of my hand and proceeded to insert her cell number. Wow. Anyway. The place shut down at three and made up pay an extra ten bucks cover to go next door where they shows resumed, but ladies remained clothed. My friend had a buddy come into town and he pulled out a few hundred. He was making it rain. At one point a group of them got this girl to give them lap dances. I vaguely remember one making out with this girl, and witnessed another getting his genitals massaged under his pants. So lovely.

We headed home but stopped at cafe coco on the way. I remember going to bed around six a.m. or so. Long night. I woke on the couch at my friends a few hours later around eleven.  A friend rallied my atrophied enthusiasm and reminded me that homecoming festivities were underway. I pulled myself up and we walked to the house. I quickly regained my strength after downing some orange juice, a cup of coffee, and a few beers. It was game on from there on out.

It was a great day. Parades, bands, music, girls. I enjoyed it. I caught up with a lot of brothers and got significantly intoxicated. I was feeling happy and wonderful.  Considering how drunk I got, there isn’t much to say about it all. I encouraged a brother of my to shotgun a four loco, which he did with his usual aggressive frat-like zeal. I witnessed him several minutes later consume several more beers in the same shotgun fashion, which astounded me. He later told me we blacked out within the hour, which didn’t leave me surprised in the least.

At one point a group of us ventured to chili’s to get some much needed food. I spent time with two girls who I know am fond of. We ate, joked, carried on, drank some more. I ended up getting a ride home and passing out for an hour. I was woken by my room mates who were declaring their excitement for the night. I needed to get up, they said, the party is just getting started. I managed to get dressed and pull myself together. The house was empty when I arrived. I wasn’t feeling the same energy I was when the night began. A 90’s band played. An impressive crowd of people showed up despite it not being a dance party. Some alumni verbally accosted my sister a few times, as well as other girls and brothers, and it got me enraged. I wanted to rip his throat out, simply on grounds of principle and justice. I didn’t and my good friends assuaged the aggression. They communicated to him that I was about to lose my shit if he continued acting like a fool and treating people like shit. He came up and apologized. I explained how I felt, pretty bluntly, and thanked him for taking the effort to see me before I received his apology.

It was late and by the time that entire thing unfolded it was already pretty late and I was feeling the sleep deprivation take hold. I ended up going home around two, and passing out around three while watching ninja assassin.


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