Random thoughts on death:

The ultimate meaning is found in death. We procrastinate the inevitable by creating death denying illusions.

I was looking for meaning and running into dead ends. I recently read up on Ernest Becker and his thoughts illuminated a good deal of what’s been on my mind.

We are going to die. The more we deny this fact, the greater confidence we can maintain in our ability to be. Death reminds us of our frailty.

Our world is divided into the physical world and the symbolic world. We create symbolic meaning in order to transcend the physical. The physical world is marked by change, by finality, by inconsistency, by impermanence. The symbolic world is enduring, consistent, eternal.

Beliefs and ideologies manifest as mere illusions. I look around me and I see self-deceived masses. I ask myself why people adopt such deceptions. For what reason? These deceptive beliefs offer a denial of death. We are the hero in our beliefs. We seek eternal life through our beliefs and ideologies. They provide life by allowing us to procrastinate death. Traditionally, any different belief is a direct threat to our life and should be annihilated.  We do not practice tolerance to differences. There can only be one illusion. If we are wrong, we must reconcile and face our death.

Life wants to deny death. It creates devices such as technology in order to prolong life. All knowledge is a death defying mechanism. Humans want to be god, want to maintain an eternal life.

Content, comfortable. No one wants to die. We all want to live. Dominate or be dominated. Who’s illusion is stronger? Has stronger evidence?

More thoughts later.

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