Whenever you see something you dislike, it represents something you are repelling inside you.

This world exists wholly in our minds, constructed from the myriad of experiences composing life. The world is not an objective place. Meaning is not inherent. We imbue the world with meaning, subjective meaning, meaning conjured from the toil and joy and heartache we wrought from it. From an amalgam of experiences limited in perception and imagination.

When I look at something I dislike, when I have a negative reaction towards something or someone, my first inclination is to ask myself ‘why?’ What am I opposed to here? Past associations wrapped in irrational and emotional bias? I must never catch myself reacting without fair trial. My conceptions are as limited as my experience, something infinitely oblique and narrow. In order to grow I must be willing to step outside experience and into unknown and uncomfortable confrontations. I must aim to actively dispel any negative reactions inside me.

I must remain open and free from the vice of hasty judgment; in this way I may remain free from judgment. Love the world, in all its spectacular curiosities. We do not judge the people we love.

However, I must say, judgment does not mean doing away with discernment and prudence. We must act wise, reacting in the interest of goodness with truth in mind.

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