Never again will I subject myself to eighteen credit hours, fifteen hours of work a week, and actively participate as an executive officer of a large organization. These activities alone are frustrating enough and near impossible to juggle. Never mind maintaining a social life, close relationships, and free time to think.

My current schedule could be taken as belonging to a sadist. My daily routine consists of waking at 7:30am, gathering my books and school supplies together, and heading to class by 9:00am. Monday through Friday I have class from roughly 9:30am to 2:30pm. Daily I work till six in the evening. By this time hunger has taken hold and I make plans for dinner. When fraternity meetings are not on the agenda, I can expect to begin studying around 7:30pm. This is approximately the first time during any given weekday where I can begin to reflect on my life, or my homework and studies. So, yea. Sleep deprivation has ensued. This week is no fun.