Dialectical Thinking

We are never presented with fixed options. This kind of thinking always leads to more of the same. So long as we are free agents with an imagination and desires, we can coin any option we want. And what if the option doesn’t fit with the system? What if the option, the aim and goal and desire, isn’t compatible with the existing framework, the current context? Change the system. If we don’t it will continue perpetuating more of the same, the same options, the same outcomes, the same predictable behaviors. The illusion that people unknowingly carry on is that one can escape the system by working it harder, by being the best. This is a lie because when one buys into a system, one buys into the rules, the conventions, the practices that characterize the system. Working harder, or achieving within the system, will only bring about more of the same. More input equals more output, not different output. Hard work will produce quantitative differences, not qualitative differences. That is, it produces changes in the amount of values, rather than changes in the values themselves.

So if a system isn’t producing, consider discarding it. Ask yourself if the system was established with your best ends and aims in mind, if it complements your natural inclinations or strengths. If it doesn’t, if it isn’t conducive, create a new system. That’s right: create. Synthesize patterns and behaviors that work for you into something wholly novel and practical according to your pursuits.