I resent anything that chooses me. Anything that forces to identify with me, that I do not freely or willfully accept as a true reflection of my intention or choice, is like a disease and is resented like a disease, with disdain and contempt.

Let me exercise freedom with choice, with conscious choice. People who make choices for me are like a cancer and I strive to cut them out of life as quickly as possible. Let me choose my habits, my thoughts, my desires, my relationships.

Students are rewarded for their method, not the ideas. Ideas should be valued above method. You are graded if you follow the rules. How drab. How limiting. How boring.

School teaches us that you will succeed if you follow the rules, if you meet expectations, if you show me how to reproduce. The ideas themselves, if there are any left, are pushed aside as if they are an inferior priority. Since when did it become advantageous to encourage the ability to take apart and unpack, rather than put together and create?