I have so much to say. I needed to take a break, relieve my mind of the pressures of thinking. I think to much. Or actually, I feel too much. My thoughts always get me feeling, I get too invested. The next thing I know I find myself having these existential crisises where I get all skeptical and nihilistic about everything. I begin telling myself that no thought is better than any thought, that I can escape judgement if I refrain from ever having an opinion, from ever making a claim about the world or myself. But all that ultimately leads to inaction, and inaction leads to death. I begin to whither inside and outside. It’s a terrible consequence of letting your thoughts hijack your feelings. Such is life.

So I have a tremendous amount on my mind. I began my internship a week ago. That’s been great. Interesting, but great. The guy I work for…


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