“The richer–that is, the more varied and complete–the individual’s emotional life, the less is he driven to projection, and the more will he incline to identification. His outlet and satisfaction comes in identifying himself with the emotions of the other. On the other hand, the narrower and more restricted the individual’s emotional life, the more intense will be his fewer emotions, the less will he be inclined to, and capable of, identification–the lack of which he has to compensate for by projection. Projection thus proves to be a compensatory mechanism that adjusts for an inner lack. Identification, on the other hand, is an expression of abundance, of the desire for union, for alliance, for sharing. “

– Otto Rank, “Love, Guilt and the Denial of Feelings,” 1927, American Lectures, 160

This quote embodies my philosophy, my intentions, my behavior and aims when I interact with others. Love. Union. Emotional variegation.

Identify with others. Rather than forcefully projecting yourself onto the world and others, learn to subjugate the ego and merge with another. This is why I stress the importance of philosophy in teaching the value of understanding and comprehension, all of which facilitates a sympathy to ideas and people.

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