Nu Day

I’ve got dozens of half finished drafts I need to finish writing and post. In time.

I’ve been angry lately. No so much angry, but confused and oppressed inside. It makes me want to lash out at the world. The answer to these problems, I believe, is found in this will to power, or will-power. The url of this blog “declare your being” is just another way of saying it. It means to act deliberately and openly, to express and institute your influence onto the world: To live unabashed, unashamed, loudly and proudly, to overcome fears, to make unrequited decisions.

We are gods. We are living worlds. Inside of us is where it all happens. Limitations are non-existent. They are simply preceptions. So this anger I feel, this oppression that clothes me and pacifies me and feminizes me, needs to be shaken and thrown off with a violent resistance. So I get angry. I get pissed. I tell myself, I’m gonna read the shit outta that book, I’m gonna look that person in the eye and tell them exactly what I think, I’m gonna lift the living hell outta that weight. I stand taller. I walk with more deliberation. I am confident.

Every day is a battle. The battle exists in my mind. Either you make life work for you, or you end up working for life. I will overcome on a daily basis. I will remind myself that this battle is real. It is a battle of will power and the world. Either I will over come, or I will be overcome. I will do, or I will die. And I want to burn brilliantly. I want to live with zealous enthusiasm and zest. I want my words to echo and strike a chord in every man’s mind and heart. I want to maintain influence over myself that people look at in awe. I want to self-command, to master myself.

I don’t want to philosophize to the point where I whither and shrivel and think myself out of action. Or do anything that makes me un-willing for that matter. Activity is life. I should only contemplate that which is useful for attaining certain ends and nothing else.

Labour not unwillingly, nor without regard to the common interest, nor without due consideration, nor with distraction; nor let studied ornament set off thy thoughts, and be not either a man of many words, or busy about too many things.
~Marcus Aurelius, Meditations Bk. III

I must learn to concentrate my efforts. None of this ADD bullshit. No need for superfluous and aureate interests. Simple tasks, in linear fashion.

Tomorrow I will write out my goals. I will write out my goals and I will stick to them. I will make the decision, and decisions are half the battle. Each decision will come with action, with concentrated will-power. Each goal will contain smaller goals that I will achieve with fluidity and ease. And each of these I accomplish will add fuel to my will-power. I will not wait. I will not hesitate. I will not take my time, for I have none I can afford to lose.

Passion is will-power. Action. Act with furious conviction. Will anger. With an intent to dominate with perfect execution and form. With a daring and bold courage that emanates and swells from within you.

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